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VP candidacy announcement

It seems that no one has thrown their hat into the ring for vice president of the guild. I have thought about it for a few weeks now and would like to announce my candidacy for interim vice president. I’m new to the guild and the furry community, but I have a lot of experience in my day job that I think would help me support the president and the other board members. I’m organized and try to stay at inbox zero whenever possible, and as soon as I know what’s required of me I like to get started.

I hope I would be able to take some of the grunt work/routine tasks/paperwork off the president’s plate so they can concentrate on more important things. I’m also able to take a more active role as needed to help keep things moving forward. I’ve been impressed with Linnea’s energy and drive that has brought so much to the guild in the year or so that I’ve been a member. I hope I can do my part to keep the momentum going.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to respond here or contact me on the guild Discord (I’m KateShaw (Strange Animals Pod)#2067), or you can email me at kcshaw123 @ gmail.com (without the spaces, of course). Thanks for considering me!

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