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Voting is open for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards!

Voting is open for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards! Congrats to all the nominees!


Here’s the ballot:

Nominees for Best Novel

[ul][li]Always Gray in Winter – Mark J. Engels[/li]
[li]Kismet – Watts Martin[/li]
[li]reWritten – Jako Malan[/li]
[li]The Tower and the Fox – Tim Susman[/li][/ul]

Nominees for Best Novella

[ul][li]Dragon Fried Cheese – Madison Keller[/li]
[li]The Earth Tigers – Frances Pauli[/li]
[li]Jazz at the End of the Night – Weasel[/li]
[li]The Pride of Parahumans – Joel Kreissman[/li]
[li]Sinful Behavior – Rukis[/li][/ul]

Nominees for Best Short Story

[ul][li]“Behesht” – Dwale[/li]
[li]“Clicking” – Ianus J. Wolf[/li]
[li]“Hollow” – Chris “Sparf” Williams[/li]
[li]“The Moon Fox” – Amy Fontaine[/li]
[li]“The Ouroboros Plate” – Slip Wolf[/li]
[li]“Personal History” – Tim Susman[/li]
[li]“Richard Cory” – Tristan Black Wolf[/li][/ul]

Nominees for Best Anthology

[ul][li]Arcana – Madison Scott-Clary (editor)[/li]
[li]Bleak Horizons – Tarl Hoch (editor)[/li]
[li]Symbol of a Nation – Fred Patten (editor)[/li][/ul]

Thanks to everyone who nominated my story, and congratulations to the nominees.

Wot dey sed, yo. <3


Honored to stand alongside my talented Thurston Howl Publications stablemates, nominated for a Cóyotl in every single category! Congrats Zarpaulus, Wolphicorn, Makyo and Tristan Black Wolf. THANK YOU one and all, esteemed FWG peeps, for your trust and support.

Thank you very much to those who nominated “The Moon Fox”! I don’t really have words to describe how excited and honored I am. I am so grateful to the Furry Writers’ Guild for being such an invaluable resource and a welcoming community and for supporting so many writers. I owe the majority of my publications thus far to all of you–not to mention some wonderful friendships! Thank you all so much, and congratulations to all the nominees! <3 https://cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com/fiction-all/stories-for-young-people-from-4-to-400/the-moon-fox/



I am both surprised and delighted to be listed. Many thanks and congratulations to all as well. What an amazing list of books and stories!

If anyone wishes to read The Earth Tigers, there are still free copies available here: https://claims.instafreebie.com/free/FC8XEWQL69gcO8iBca8I

Congratulations everyone!!

Any and all can find an excerpt of my paranormal sci-fi thriller ALWAYS GRAY IN WINTER, first in a werecat family saga series, here:

Thank you again, esteemed FWG colleagues, for my book’s “Best Novel” nomination for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards. Read up on your favorites mentioned here and elsewhere in this thread and then go vote!


Thank you one and all, esteemed Furry Writers’ Guild colleagues, for casting your ballot in this year’s Cóyotl Awards. My fellow nominees and I appreciate your support. :kissing_cat::heart: For those of you who haven’t voted yet, do hurry–ballots close Tuesday, May 15th at midnight Pacific Time.