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Volunteers to Run the Guild Election Email

For full election rules and details, please see this thread: http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=207.0

I’m looking for two volunteers to run and manage the email account that will be used in this year’s presidental election. The duties are as followed:

  • During the debate period (May 1st (12:00am EST) - May 14th (11:59pm EST)), you must keep track of the email for questions to post to the thread coming from individuals who don’t have a forum account, or those that wish to have their question posted anonymously (must be checked AT LEAST once a day, preferrably more).
  • During the voting period (May 16th (12:00am EST) - May 23rd (11:59pm EST)), you must keep track of and tally the votes that come in. Voting may only be done by guild members, so you must also be responsible for confirming voter identity and making sure each member is only voting once.
  • On May 24th, you must make a thread in this subforum to announce the winner.

This position requires integrity and responsibility, as well as an ability to be confidential and unbiased.

The requirements for this position are as followed:

  • You do not have to be a current guild member, but you must have proven yourself as trustworthy in the guild. Your acceptance into this position must be agreed upon by all candidates.
  • You must not have an affiliation with the candidates. The more neutral, the better.
  • You must be able to comply with all of the required duties as listed above.
  • You must have an account on the guild forums.

We will take applicants up until April 30th. At that time, the candidates will make their decision. The email will be: election@anthroaquatic.com. I am making it an AnthroAquatic email account for the reason that I will have the ability to reset the password on the email account if the individual chosen proves to not be able to handle the position. I cannot view the current password (nor can I access the email account itself without the current password), so it would be very obvious if I tried to do something to the account. It also allows me to delete the email account following the end of the election, thus deleting all of the emails within it.
To apply, please reply to this post.

Please note: by taking on this responsibility, you must, as I previously mentioned, maintain confidentiality. Those who wish to ask anonymous debate questions must remain anonymous, and the votes of all individuals must remain anonymous. This does not end as soon as the election is over. They must remain anonymous. By breaking this rule, you agree to be removed from/banned from the guild. Because we will have two people looking after this email, I expect that if one of the individuals is acting without integrity, the other lets the candidates know.

I’ll be posting this on FA as soon as I get home.

I’m happy to volunteer for this. There will be a couple of days when I can only check my email once, and briefly, however.

That’s perfectly fine. As long as there aren’t questions that are asked for the debate which go several days without being posted, or votes that don’t get tallied, then we won’t complain. Plus there will be two of you, so if there’s a day or two that you can’t get on, Person B could post the question for you.

Reviving this thread because I’ll need two volunteers to monitor the Gmail account that will be used for voting, from May 16 to May 23. Regardless of whether we have any other presidential candidates announced in the next few days, we will at least have one proposed by-law change that will need a vote. (I’ll be posting that proposed change in this forum by Friday.)

Right now, unless we get another candidate, I don’t see a need for a debate thread, so unless something changes, this would simply be a matter of tallying the votes on the by-law proposal(s), making sure only current FWG members are voting and are each voting only once, and then announcing the results here in this forum. (Since I’m the one who’s going to be officially proposing the by-law change, I don’t think I should have access to the election email and be the one doing the tallying of votes on it, just for propriety’s sake.)

Volunteers? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind doing it.

One down, then, and one to go…

Still looking for a second volunteer. :slight_smile:

I volunteer.

I can count stuff.


I’ll be contacting you both by PM later this week with all the details.