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Voice's Drabble Challenge <1>

I’m curious as to what will come of this, so here we go:
A drabble is a story that is exactly 100 words long.
Not 99, not 101, but 100 on the nose.

So Voice’s drabble challenge is:
Write a drabble about fall and furries.

Post it here. :smiley:

Including or excluding the title?

Alright, guess I’ll kick it off. :smiley:

Clarence’s eyes were met with a vast, brilliant sea of red and yellow leaves rustling in the wind, filling his head with the sound of warm tropical rain. His daydreaming was quickly halted by a crisp breeze, sending a set of papers loose from his broad, tan wings. He honked in panic, just barely grabbing at them with his onyx beak. He planted them back on his lap, excitedly looking down to see two tickets to Nassau. He sighed, knowing there would be plenty of geese trying to beat him to the airport. He wouldn’t miss this trip for anything.

Not including.

“Potential Ashes”

Cammy tossed her cigarette onto the street and spat on it, the cherry sizzled and died. All around, the kudzu was beginning to yellow and dry out, what dogwoods remained had long since shed. She inhaled, the cold bit her nostrils like a wire whip. Vaguely, she noted that she would need to acquire some sort of hood before winter came; they didn’t make ear-muffs for rabbits. Her cigarette butt had rolled downhill, ending up in a gutter full of dead leaves. “One day,” she told the kudzu, “I’ll burn all this shit to the ground.” But she never did.

Some authors argue that’s the size of a true flash fiction >.> I actually have a piece that fits this criteria perfectly on my FA account. It’s not specifically furry related, but it’s not specific about species as a whole. I’ll most certainly share it when I can.