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VancouFur 2016

VancouFur 2016 is coming – and it’s time to start planning for another excellent collection of writing panels!

We had a very successful writing track in 2015, and my hope as track lead is to expand on the success from last year. I want a range of interesting and entertaining topics for our attendees to take part in. To that end, I’m looking for two things:

  • Panel ideas
  • Panelists

I have some ideas in mind, so if you are going to be at VancouFur and would like to participate as a panelist but don’t have any ideas on your end, I’d be happy to provide some suggestions! Alternately, if you’d like to present something specific, please let me know.

We will have some set panels – a writers’ meet-and-greet, my variation on a Flash Fiction Jam (loads of fun last time!) and Turkey Readings for our charity – but beyond that I’m open to thoughts on what to present.

If you’re interested in being part of the VancouFur 2016 writing track, please drop me a note at conbook@vancoufur.ca – I look forward to hearing from you!

I was surprised at how many erotic panels they are doing this year…

Far as I know, we haven’t set any panels at all for 2016 yet - which panels are you referring to? We had about three or four at the 2015 con…

Still looking for people to help out with writing panels at VancouFur - anyone coming out to the con? We really need some great writing panels!

Well I have paid for reg for the past three years, and only attended part of the one day the first year. That year was ruined for me by my dad’s cancer diagnosis, and this past year I had started working seven days a week. I’d offer something, but I do not have anything to offer to the alter of the panel god.

Gonna throw another reminder up here - I’m still looking (desperately) for panelists and panels for the VancouFur writing track! If anyone’s going to be attending the con and wants to provide some panel expertise, please touch base with me.

We’ve had great response to the previous writing panels, and I’d love to get more writers involved. As it stands, the writing track is made up of: me. Soooo yeah some help would be appreciated!