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Ursa Majors Nominations open

(Not sure if this is the correct place to put this)

I know folks have a rather dismal view of the UMs but the nominations are now open, so if you read anything in the last year that was great, send it in.

Incidentally, the 2015 Coyotl Awards Rec thread lists all the works published in 2015. (Or it should.)

Actually, my eligible works may not be listed in the Coyotl thread. Since I run the Coyotls, I plan to withdraw my works from consideration for them. So, I haven’t been listing them there.

However, my works are eligible for the Ursa Majors. I’ll probably post a list of them with links and stuff after I get home from FurCon.

My eligible works from last year are:


  • In a Dog’s World

Other Literary Work

[ul][li]The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats[/li]
[li]ROAR 6 (edited by me)[/li][/ul]

Short Stories

[ul][li]“Lunar Cavity” (from The Furry Future)[/li]
[li]“Songs of Fish and Flowers” (from Lakeside Circus, Year Two, Issue One)[/li]
[li]“Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon” (from The Dragon’s Hoard)[/li]
[li]“Danger in the Lumo-Bay” (from Inhuman Acts)[/li]
[li]"Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant (from The Necromouser)[/li]
[li]“Cold Tail and the Eyes” (from The Necromouser)[/li]
[li]“All the Cats of the Rainbow” (from The Necromouser)[/li]
[li]“Frankenstein’s Gryphon” (from Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things)[/li]
[li]“Hidden Feelings” (from Daily Science Fiction)[/li][/ul]

It looks like the only piece available for free right now is “Hidden Feelings,” but “Lunar Cavity” should be coming out on Deep Sky Anchor soon, and I may work out some coupons or something for In a Dog’s World and The Necromouser.

Inhuman Acts is eligible under the other literary work category.

Seylyn’s beautiful cover for the anthology can be nominated in the published illustration category.

And all the stories in the anthology are eligible for the short story category:

[ul][li]“Muskrat Blues” by Ianus Wolf[/li]
[li]“Fixer” by Watts Martin[/li]
[li]“Danger in the Lumo-Bay” by Mary E. Lowd[/li]
[li]“River City Nights” by Tana Simensis[/li]
[li]“Every Breath Closer” by Slip Wolf[/li]
[li]“Ghosts” by Solus Lupus[/li]
[li]“A Blacker Dog” by Huskyteer[/li]
[li]“Crimson on Copper” by Tony Greyfox[/li]
[li]“Vermin’s Vice” by T.S. McNally[/li]
[li]“Scorned” by K.C. Alpinus[/li]
[li]“Bullet Tooth Claw” by Marshall L. Moseley[/li]
[li]“Guardian Angels” by Nicholas Hardin[/li]
[li]“Brooklyn Blackie and the Unappetizing Menu” by Bill Kieffer[/li][/ul]

If you enjoyed listening to Fangs and Fonts, please nominate it for Anthropomorphic Magazine.

My own short story works eligible for short fiction are:

[ul][li]“Trinka and the Robot” in The Furry Future[/li]
[li]“Food, Feuds and Fake Flora” in Roar 6[/li]
[li]“The Black Fang’s Bite” in A Menagerie of Heroes[/li]
[li]“The Duck Quacks Twice” in Will of the Alpha 3[/li]
[li]“Sheets and Covers” in GoAL - Issue #1[/li][/ul]

Also, don’t forget that the Furry Writers Guild website can be nominated for Anthropomorphic Website

I should list my anthology “The Furry Future” as also eligible.


The cover by Teagan Gavet is eligible in the Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration category.

The book is eligible in the Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work category.

The individual stories are eligible in the Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction category.

Emergency Maintenance by Michael H. Payne
Tow by Watts Martin
Experiment Seventy by J. F. R. Coates
A Bedsheet for a Cape by Nathanael Gass
Hachimoto by Samuel C. Conway
Vivian by Bryan Feir
Family Bonding by Yannarra Cheena
The Future Is Yours by MikasiWolf
Distant Shores by Tony Greyfox
The Analogue Cat by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
The Sequence by NightEyes DaySpring
Trinka and The Robot by Ocean Tigrox
Lunar Cavity by Mary E. Lowd
The Darkness of Dead Stars by Dwale
Field Research by M. C. A. Hogarth
The Curators by T. S. McNally
Evolver by Ronald W. Klemp
Growing Fur by Fred Patten
Thebe and the Angry Red Eye by David Hopkins with illustrations by Roz Gibson

Here’s a link to read “Lunar Cavity” for free: http://deepskyanchor.com/lunar-cavity/

While the Ursa Majors are open for nominations, my novel and collection of cat stories are available for free from Smashwords with the following coupon codes:

In a Dog’s World – RZ44E – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/601414

The Necromouser & Other Magical Cats – NL94G – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/601627

Well, that’s my short story slots filled. Let’s see how many times I can change my mind over the next month! (Also I’d forgotten how much I liked Lunar Cavity.)

If anyone’s interested, “Cheetah’s Win” was released as a standalone in 2015 and is still selling surprisingly well. My “Clan Gonther” series was also all released in 2015.

But for my money the winner probably ought to be “Off Leash” by Daniel Potter. I don’t vote for either the Coyotl or Ursa Majors becasue I don’t like how they’re set up, but I really hope Dan wins. His book deserves it.

Offered for your consideration too: my novel “Thousand Tales”, released in 2015 on Amazon. The follow-up novella “2040: Reconnection” was also released there in 2015.

While my eligible stories have been mentioned already – “Fixer” in Inhuman Acts and “Tow” in The Furry Future – I’ve made “Tow” available to read for free on my web site (and SoFurry, and probably FA when I get around to it).


There’s also a preview of “Fixer” I posted when the anthology came out.


Don’t forget the UMA’s 2015 Recommended Anthropomorphic Reading List for reminders of works worth nominating by FWG members who aren’t active on the forum, or by non-members, that you may have forgotten about. For example, I nominated for Best Novel “GeneStorm: City in the Sky” by Paul Kidd who is a FWG member, and “Mort(e)” by Robert Repino who isn’t. Both are on the Recommended List.

My review of “Off Leash” by Daniel Potter is published.

Review: Off Leash http://dogpatch.press/2016/02/01/off-leash/#more-23898

I want to nominate the entire Anthology ‘Inhuman Acts’, but I also want to call out ‘Muskrat Blues’ by Ianus Wolf for a nomination for short story.

Ain’t no law against that, Ma’am ^.^

“Inhuman Acts” as an anthology is eligible in the Best Other Literary Works category, and “Muskrat Blues” is eligible in the Best Short Fiction category.

As far as my works, my only published work in 2015 that would qualify for an Ursa was “The Dragon Tax” in the Menagerie of Heroes anthology.

“The Dragon Tax” has been recommended as one of the best stories of the year. Let’s hope that it gets nominated.

TOC Recommended Anthropomorphic Short Fiction

       [Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry and other short written works.]

The Darkness of Dead Stars, by Dwale. (in The Furry Future; January 15)
Thebe and the Angry Red Eye, by David Hopkins. (in The Furry Future; January 15)
A Private Escape, by Kandrel. (in Heat 12, July) Mature Audiences.
The Dragon Tax, by Madison Keller. (in A Menagerie of Heroes; A Rainfurrest Anthology; September 24)
All the Cats of the Rainbow, by Mary E. Lowd. (in The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats; September 24)
Cold Tail and the Eyes, by Mary E. Lowd. (in The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats; September 24)
Danger in the Lumo-Bay, by Mary E. Lowd. (in Inhuman Acts; September 24)
Feral Unicorn, by Mary E. Lowd. (in Luna Station Quarterly; Issue 24, December)
Hidden Feelings, by Mary E. Lowd. (in Daily Science Fiction; November)
Lunar Cavity, by Mary E. Lowd. (in The Furry Future; January 15)
Shreddy and the Carnivorous Plant, by Mary E. Lowd. (in The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats; September 24)
Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon, by Mary E. Lowd. (in The Dragon’s Hoard; June)
Songs of Fish and Flowers, by Mary E. Lowd. (in Lakeside Circus; March 15)
Ernest, by Lyn McConchie. (in ROAR 6; July 9)
Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk, by Ken Scholes. (in ROAR volume 6, ed. by Mary E. Lowd; July 9)
Crepuscular, by Clement Sherwin. (Clement Sherwin; May 2015)
Pocosin, by Ursula Vernon. (in Apex; January 6)
Tow, by Watts Martin (in The Furry Future; January 15)