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Ursa Major Awards open for voting

The final ballot for the 2013 Ursa Major Awards has been announced:


Voting is open until April 30th.

Voted. Congrats to you and the other omnomnominees! :slight_smile:

And, as they say on CuteOverload:

Wooooooo Skyfire made it in! I’m so proud. Best of luck to EVERYONE!!! ;D

BTW that stoat is criminally cute. Yes.

If you wanted to vote in the Ursa Majors this year, they’re open for one more week: http://www.ursamajorawards.org/voting2013/

I’ve voted and threatened… I mean, politely persuaded cough… other people to vote too.

Voting closes tomorrow – if you’re waiting until the last minute to vote, today would be a good day.