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Updated FWG pamphlet

I made a few changes to update the FWG pamphlet from FA – changing the email address to the new anthroaquatic one, and correcting a few typos, etc. – and I’ve printed up a batch to take to Fur the 'More for the flyer table and maybe to hand out at the writing panels and such.

I tried to attach it here, but I guess because of the artwork involved, even the zipped file is too big at 199KB. ::slight_smile: So if anybody needs it, just drop me an email and I’ll send it your way, and then maybe we can upload it to the FA account soon so anybody can download it from there.

Cool, thanks a bunch! I’d love it if you could email that my way.

Sent! (to the FWG address)

When the time comes I may need some for RF, either to give out in my panels or when we do something Fangs & Fonts related. :smiley:

I’ll hand out some too. I may try to go to that Anthro New England con they just made over in Boston (probably just for a day so I won’t have to buy a hotel) so I’ll hand out some there too.

PS - Ignore the fact that it says I modified your message. I hate it when I click the ‘modify’ button when aiming for the ‘quote’ button.

I’m interested! But I’ll probably just grab one off you at Fur the More ^^

Useful for ConFuzzled too - agent99@dryden.co.uk, if you’d be so good :slight_smile:

I ended up passing out the ones you gave me to some writers not in the guild :slight_smile: Hope we see them around here soon

Sent! And if anybody else wants to design different flyers or brochures, feel free. This was just what was already there and ready to print on short notice. :slight_smile:

I did leave around 20-25 of them (in small batches dispersed through Fri/Sat/Sun) on the flyer table at Fur the 'More, and they were all gone when we left the con.

The (yet again updated) brochure is now uploaded to the FWG FA account:

Again, if anyone wants to design other flyers (especially smaller/simpler ones), or any other item (printable or downloadable) to help advertise the guild, go for it.

I took 20 to ConFuzzled and they all disappeared. I don’t know where they went, but hopefully somebody read one of them :slight_smile: