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Typewriter Emergencies: A Journal of Furry Lit

[ul]Alright, so, I’d like to revive the idea of a furry zine. I’ve worked on a few zines in the past and I’ve enjoyed them for the most part. Awhile ago, Weasel Press had an anthology called Typewriter Emergencies. Originally, I had planned on a part 2, but never found the time to actually prepare everything for a second anthology. 2016 was a rather demanding year, haha! I’ve frequented Apex and enjoyed the issues GOAL put out. Zines tend to give the right amount of juice. After giving it some though, I figured, why not turn this into a zine, test the waters and see what happens.

Typewriter Emergencies will be a bi-annual zine. It will publish online only with pdf, epub, and mobi options. We’re looking for short stories, articles, book reviews, and any other miscellaneous forms of lit not mentioned. We don’t have a strict rating, but we ask for no excessive sex, violence, blood, guts, etc. Typewriter Emergencies publishes under the philosophy of degenerate literature, meaning we’re definitely cool with experimental works. Essentially, we’re here to make art.

Theme: Currently we don’t have a theme, but as the zine progresses, we may throw one in to mix it up.
Payment: $0.01 per word
Rights: All rights revert back to the author upon publication.
Reprints: We will consider reprints, though original material is preferred.
Simultaneous submissions are okay, however it is the job of the author to inform us if your work has been submitted elsewhere.
Reading Periods: I hope to have the first issue released by May 2017. Reading Period for issue one is Nov. 27, 2016 - February 10, 2017.
–Issue Two: Reading Period is June 8, 2017 - September 29, 2017, Release November/December 2017.
Response Time: Generally between 2 - 4 weeks.

Story Guidelines
–2500 words max. Anything over this word count will not be considered.
–Word DOC or DOCX, 12pt font, Times New Roman or related font preferred (No Courier/Courier New)
–I had planned for about 3-5 stories per issue, but that could change depending on the budget per issue.

Article/Book review Guidelines
–1000 words Max
–If you’ve read the articles from [adjective][species], Dogpatch Press, and related furry sites, then you have an idea of what we’re looking for. Essentially, we want articles centered around the furry fandom. Literature, Art, Community, etc.
–Reviews must not contain spoilers and must not be overly negative. If you dislike it, say so, but don’t beat it up.

–We’re not limited to what’s listed. If you’ve got something you don’t see such as poetry, interviews, etc. Shoot an email and I can see what can be worked in.

Submissions are through Submittable only. Payments are done through paypal (if you must use a different source, let me know and I’ll try to work it out).

–Folks are able to advertise with us. We have two options: Full page and 1/2 page.
–Full Page: 7x10in: $15
–1/2 page: 7x5in: $7.50
–Nothing excessively sexual. Think PG-13 Punk Rock.
–Advertisements must be Furry Community Focused. Literature focused preferred.[/li][/ul]

Publishing Format:
How this will work is the Zine will be free to stream online through ISSUU. Epub and Mobi files will be available to download for a small price to help the zine out (probably like $1). If you’ve never seen how ISSUU works, check out Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones’ archives. All 6 issues are available to read for free online, and are for sale in print. www.vagabondsink.com

So far I’m the only one working this zine, but I’ve had some offers for volunteers so I’ll be checking that out soon.

Submittable: https://weaselpress.submittable.com/submit/87800/typewriter-emergencies-a-journal-of-furry-lit-vol-1-issue-2
Current site: https://www.typewriteremergencies.com/
Social Media: In the works.
Guidelines: https://www.typewriteremergencies.com/

So, there it is in a nutshell. Let’s see how this goes!

I might do an article for this 'zine… Keep us posted!

I know I’ve already asked this for a previous submission call, but I’m blanking atm x.x What would you consider some good examples of the sort of punk lit feel you’re looking for? Some good inspiration, if you will?

Degenerate Literature often goes hand in hand with Transgressive Literature, a genre of literature that focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual or illicit ways (google definition). The philosophy of Degenerate Literature is to so to hell with the traditional, just write what feels right to to you. A lot of degenerate lit is experimental and micro. Some pieces may be grammatically incorrect on purpose (like Requiem for a Dream by Hubert Selby Jr.). Degenerate lit is really to be explosive and not play into the traditional new yorker style of things. That’s what Weasel Press has been about. Five2one magazine is a good example of more current lit. Yellow Chair Review, Maudlin House, Paper and Ink Literary Zine, and GonzoToday are some others.



That being said, Typewriter Emergencies is looking at all genres and types of lit that is furry. It’s not specifically a degenerate publication; more of a furry publication. This journal is essentially a free-for-all with the exception of erotica and extreme horror. If folks want to see a sampler of what Weasel Press (and RFP) have published in the past, one can be provided upon request through email: systmaticwzl@gmail.com

The May 2017 Edition of Typewriter Emergencies is out now!!

Illustrations by Joseph Chou (drkchaos on fa)

Interviews with

Poetry by
Paul Brookes
Bill Garten

Short Fiction by
Mary E. Lowd
James L. Steele
Daniel Lowd
Carmen Welsh Jr. AKA CopperSphinx
Mog Moogle
Billy Leigh
Thurston Howl
BanWynn Oakshadow
Kem MacGregor

I really like the story I have in this :slight_smile: Check it out!

I’d really like some more info on this! Where can I find it?

I really like your story in this too! It was really funny.


The zine is available to read for free online. The box next to the cover will open the magazine to full screen and you can flip through the pages as if it were in your hand :slight_smile: Alternatively, there is a download button which will download a PDF document of the project. Link to the Typewriter Emergency magazine is below :slight_smile: If you have further questions you can email me at systmaticwzl@gmail.com

Thanks. I’ve been sitting on it for years, waiting for a place to send it. I haven’t had a chance to read the zine yet, but I plan to soon.

So I’ve gotten a few emails regarding a print copy of Typewriter Emergencies. Right now there is no print, it’s only e-copy through PDF, however I’ve posted a poll on twitter to see how much interest there would be. If a print is made, the e-book would still be free to read/download. We would work with contributors to ensure they got a copy.

I mean, how does one write for it? Is there a theme to go by?

All of our submission guidelines are available on the Typewriter Emergencies Website. There is no theme. Rating PG-R. Submissions will reopen June 12, 2017. You will need a submittable account when it reopens.

Typewriter Emergencies has now merged with the Weasel Press website!


And we’re open for our December issue now :slight_smile:

Submit: Submission Link currently unavailable
Website: https://www.typewriteremergencies.com/
Previous issue: https://www.typewriteremergencies.com/may-2017

The latest issue of Typewriter Emergencies is out. You can read it through the ISSUU app on the website, or download the PDF if preferred.

Will soon be available on kindle.

The May 2017 edition is now up on Bad Dog Books and Kindle.

Typewriter Emergencies will be open again on January 29, 2018.

Alright, gonna have to keep an eye out for the opening on this one.

Typewriter Emergencies is hosting a poetry contest.
Dealine: February 10, 2018
Submission information at the links above.

General submissions will open January 29, 2018.

All information on Typewriter Emergencies can be found at