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Two Stories Looking to be Critiqued, One SF One F

I’ve got two stories that were submitted to anthologies, but were rejected. On the first, I received some feedback from the editor, but the second only got a rejection. I don’t discount the comments I received, but I’d like to get some other eyes on them.

The first is “Rock Swimmers,” a story about asteroid miners defending their stake from claim jumpers. It’s about 11,000 words.

The second is “The Tower of the Tigress,” a story about war refugees defending themselves from bandits. It’s about 13,000 words and is a sequel to my story “Songs in the Garden,” which was published in the anthology SPECIES: Foxes.

If you have any interest in reading one or both of these stories, reply here or send me a DM. And if you need someone to read your work, I’ll happily do it in return.