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Two short stories that need beta readers: both have gay romance

Yep, I am in desperate need for some beta readers. I’m planning to submit to two different anthologies, and would like an opinion on them.

For the upcoming anthology, “Tails from History”, I’m hoping to submit a historical short story set in the same universe as my novel “The Adventures of Peter Gray”. The story’s setting is late 1800’s Germany, and details the backstory of two side characters from the story & what compelled them to emigrate to America (don’t worry, there’s no spoilers from the book, and can be regarded as stand-alone).

Submissions are due on August 1st, 2018, and contains gay romance but is NOT erotica. The word count is about 7000~ words or so, but do not hesitate to tell me what can be improved.

Second, the other short story is for “The Rabbit Dies First” anthology. After the cataclysmic Yellowstone super-eruption, Benji and his boyfriend Kurtis are in a race against time to escape into northern Canada for survival. However, with the spreading ash cloud and dwindling resources, together they both must do everything they can to survive.

Submissions are due June 30th, 2018, and again this is a non-erotica gay romance. I should warn you it is a long story (approximately +10,000 words or so), but any and all feedback on this is welcome.

If one (or both) of these short stories has any interest to you, please PM me or leave a message below with an email address.

Thanks in advance,
Domus Vocis

I can spare some time to give feedback. Send them to jlsteeleauthor [a t] aol [d o t] com

Hi Domus. I would be willing to give one of them a read (one is all I would have time for, I’m afraid). Whichever you feel needs the most work, or flip a coin.
Feel free to send it to monsieurlerenard (at) gmail (dot) com.