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Didn’t see this pinned with the Skype contacts, so figured it wouldn’t hurt to make it.

@MunchSizedRants - Personal
@MunchkinRambles - Writing

@voicespider is mine.
@tarl_writer for my non-fur writing account




@LordBahumat for my personal account. (Occasionally NSFW!)

@RochefortWrites for my professional account.

@LaikaDosha for news specific to Laika Dosha.




I’m lucky in that my handle is usually available. The only place I’ve been gazumped is Instagram, by some dude who never logs in :frowning:




@jfrcoates or @jaffabooks

Sure, why not.



I will be very surprised if anyone ever takes my handle! XD

@srivercritic for personal, and @anthroaquatic for editing and general AnthroAquatic updates

Mine’s @systmaticweasel and for work related/press stuff I use @weaselpress : )

I am no longer the tweeter I used to be, in part because now I have three. My open account is @Miriam_Curzon and my “private” personal account is @theredfoxcamio.

Completely missed this - @MrMandolino

@LeoMFoxx :smiley: