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Twitter - 1K followers?

We currently have 990 followers on Twitter. Any ideas for something fun to do when we hit 1K? 8)

Well, one list I haven’t seen yet, a compendium of the known publications of FWG members, collating all the books we’ve all contributed to or written.

But not gonna lie, that sounds like quite a few hours to days of work. c_c

Give away a copy of the Guild anthology to a randomly selected follower?

Days, if not weeks. (Keep in mind that we have over 100 members now.) There was a list like that when the guild was first started, but it was abandoned because it was too much upkeep. If someone wants to volunteer specifically for the task of creating (and maintaining) it, I’d be happy to put it on the website, but for me, the value doesn’t exceed the time and effort that would have to be invested on an ongoing basis.

Not a bad idea. I don’t have an extra copy on hand but could get one.

Let’s just have ANOTHER party at RF! :smiley:

Well, yes, but that’s not so exciting for the people who can’t come to RF. XD (Speaking as someone who probably will never be there again after this year.)

Totally stole my idea :wink:

Maybe ‘feature a follower’ on the blog? Since most followers are probably writers or artists in some way? Could be fun.

I’m still liking the riotous party idea.

We should probably do that either way.


I like the way you think.

Once we hit 1K followers, some of us should unfollow so that we can hit 1K followers again and again, justifying more celebrations.

I’d be down for this.