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Trying Scrivener 3 for the first time and it's freaking me out

Hey everyone!

Long time lurker here. Slowly getting myself back to writing again.

So, I’ve been a loyal follower of Literature and Latte’s Scrivener program since 2006, which was when I received my first macbook pro from my dad. I absolutely loved the program. It saved me throughout college while I was working on homework and essays. It was just perfection.

Fast forward to now, I got rid of my macbook years ago. Moved on to windows laptops. Graduated from college with a BA in English. Dealing with the constant harsh reality about keeping a day job and sticking with it (Since 2013, I’ve gone through 10-ish jobs plus a couple of volunteer jobs). My love for writing slowly died but I still kept writing down ideas and saving them in a word doc. Stopped using Scrivener and have gone through major bouts of depression and stress while bouncing back and forth between family homes.

Currently, I moved away from my family, living with friends and got a decent job that I’m sticking with (despite dealing with physical pain created from said job). Life is okay and I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Scrivener 3 for Windows to release. The waiting was HORRIBLE! I was so excited to use Scrivener again and I know I had to be patient (I even bought a new version of Scrivener v1 so that I could get in on that free update. Gotta get in on those sales, yo!)

So, Scrivener 3 for Windows finally released. I was so ecstatic that once I got my free update, I…didn’t use it for a couple months (yeah, I’m still dealing with lots of stress and depression.) Then the client who’s been waiting on a commission from me (it’s been almost a year) texted me on Twitter about the story’s progress, I decided to take deep breaths and learn how to use Scrivener 3!

HOLY S***! I feel like such a baby trying to learn so many new things on this program. I don’t remember anything from v1 so everything just feels brand new and it’s so…weird! What has me on edge, and I don’t know why, is the margins. I was testing out the export feature on my character profile. I exported it to an odt file (I use LibreOffice) and how the margins are handled in the document are SO MUCH SMALLER than a regular document. I guess it’s due to those being book margins but I’m not sure. I’m also afraid of changing things because of this irrational fear that I might break the program if I don’t keep it at default settings. (I know, dumb.)

Anyway, still learning! It feels weird but I’m excited to get back into Scrivener and writing!

Hope all of you are having a good day!

The default margins in 3 are gigantic. That was like the first thing I changed.

How do you change the margins?? I don’t know how. Do you have a step-by-step process?

I haven’t used the export feature yet, but I’m currently working on outlining a novel with Scrivener. I tend to only use it for big projects, but it’s been indispensable for me with drafting and early rewrites for long work until I get later in the process. It’s a great tool for organizing text with notes.