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Trap Me! - The Video Game - Developfur Diary of a Furry RPG

We started working on a Video Game based on our awesome published book “Trap Me!”

You can read our first Developfur Diary here. :smiley:

As you may already know, the story takes place between Trap Me 1 and Trap Me 2 (the books). The game will follow Aidan and Zack–both as playable characters–as they solve some kind of mystery. It is so mysterious that not even we know what it is yet.

The players will be able to control both Aidan and Zack as they fight their way to solve puzzles.

Comment below what do you think or if you have any questions!

Ooh, this could be good. Is it a point-and-click type thing? I love those!

You couldn’t be more right, Huskyteer! :smiley:
Only that, while maintaining the gameplay idea and experience of point-and-click adventures, we are using what some consider a more immersive and direct approach - keyboard controls.

So far, it’s going swell! If you have any more questions, ask us!

You know, you guys can ask questions! :smiley: I hope it is okay to keep you updated here, haha!

Here it is, just for you: DevelopFUR Diary #2