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Thrill of the Hunt - a predator/prey erotic anthology

Imprint: Fanged Fiction

Timeline: July 14th, 2018 – December 14th, 2018

Release: The plan is to release at Tiny Paws Con near the end of August, 2019

Lead Editor: Rechan

Co-Editor: Kirisis

Payment Rate: $0.0075/word + one copy of the anthology. Contributors/editors may buy additional copies at a 40% discount

Rights: We are asking for first rights on all stories for six months following the publication date. Reprints will be considered, but priority will be given to original works.

Few things in nature are more fundamental than one animal hunting another. Yet in most anthropomorphic fiction, that aspect is ancient history, as far removed as humans being apes living in trees. Those innate mechanisms aren’t so easily forgotten, however. While the topic has been touched on in the past, this book will focus on the predator/prey dynamic, how it interacts with adult stories, and stories should make those elements a focal point. Avoid treating the predator and prey roles as simply being pure analogs to differing social groups—there needs to be a clear biological or psychological difference when those roles come into play.

Yes, we expect to see the traditional story of the seductive cat looming over the mouse, and the mouse being overwhelmed with a mix of fear and excitement. As well we expect to see the reverse, the tough mouse that puts the cat in its place. While those premises may be accepted, we challenge authors to look past the basic idea and really explore where that dynamic can be pushed. For just a moment, think of a lion not as just another person with fur, instead see them in the same light as a vampire or werewolf or similar creature—now picture that monster as real, living openly in the suburbs and working next to you. How would the world change? Driven to near extinction, are snakes now the boogeymen in the night, or are they the rock stars of a later, a more enlightened era? Does society deem any sort of natural impulse of the species—the sheep’s as well as the wolf’s–to be unseemly, and thus repress it? Are a jaguar’s tendencies suppressed by drugs or shock collars? Are there underground clubs where the species play out their taboo, outlawed fantasies? Has there been an outlet created for those urges, a professional sport of maze running and tackling? Beyond society, are there more layers to the roles—does the weasel feel like prey next to an owl, and how does the weasel cope with these conflicting instincts and identity?

As with all stories published by Goal Publications and Fanged Fiction, stories must utilize the anthropomorphism of its furry characters to a full extent. Human characters are allowed, and can even be main characters. However, the above must shine through. Stories must contain some erotic content. No stories will be accepted that contain sexual conduct with minors, sexual abuse or rape, incest, sex with non-sentient creatures, messages that convey support for prejudice, and the usual things publishers do not allow. While the topic does deal with carnivores and herbivores, avoid extreme violence—we do not need to see anyone be eaten. If you are not certain, send a query letter with your question.

Submission Guidelines:

  • 3,000-12,000 words (we can talk about shorter, but over 12K won’t be accepted)
  • Story must be in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, and the document name must include both your name (pen name is fine) and the story title
  • Font must be basic and readable (TNR, Garamond, Ariel, or something similar), single-spaced, 12pt font
  • In your story document, preferably in the upper-righthand corner, should be your name, address, and email
  • Submit all stories as an attachment to FFA001[at]goalpublications[dot]com
  • Your subject line must read: “Submission - STORY TITLE
  • In the body of the email, you must include:

[ul][li]Your legal name (and pen name if different, as this is what will show on the contract)[/li]
[li]A brief two or three-line synopsis about the story that gives us the main idea of the story[/li]
[li]One line each about how your story fits the predator/prey theme, and an example of how your story utilizes the animal traits of your anthro characters[/li]
[li]If your story has been published elsewhere before (posting online does count). Please include specific publication names and dates if this story has been published before.[/li][/ul]

Responses: You will receive a response email letting you know that we have received your story. Please note: if you use a Hotmail, Outlook, or SBCGlobal email, our email server refuses to recognize these as valid. We can receive emails from those, but cannot send. If you do not have another email option, please include another method of contact (such as Telegram, Twitter, FWG Forum username, or something along those lines). While we will be talking about your stories and making comments as they are submitting, we will be making all final judgments on stories after the submission deadline has closed.

Submission Restrictions: We will only accept one story per author, but you may feel free to submit up to two. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

I have modified the original post, as we’ve decided to move back the release of this anthology to Tiny Paws Con in August of next year, due to the fact that there’s a strong probability of me no longer attending the original convention of release.

For all those interested in submitting: we’ve extended the regular submission window thru December 14th. Please get either your story or an extension request in by then!