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Thoughts On: Dude, Where's My Pack? By Kyell Gold *Spoilers*

Late last year and early this year I worked through “Dude, Where’s My Pack?” by our own Kyell Gold. It was a short enjoyable read.

The previous book in the series, “Dude, Where’s My Fox?” was an exceptionally fun romp, and this story continues on a logical path. It stars Lonnie again, now on the verge of settling in on his relationship with his aforementioned fox and the fox’s husband from the last book, Wendell and Tay. He meets this new wolf at the McMinever party named Scot who’s clearly desperate for someone to love of his own and in talking about how he wants his own pack, makes Lonnie consider his own relationship with Wendell and Tay.

With that blurb out of the way, I ate this book up. The only reason I didn’t finish it sooner was that I was working extra shifts over the holidays. It was a quick read that really sated that itch for some gay, casual romance. It also tickled some of my own thoughts on polyamory and having a tight group of loving people.

At first, I thought Kyell was going to plunge a knife into my chest with Wendell’s health condition. Fortunately, though it did tug at some heartstrings, the tissues weren’t needed.

The newbie, Scot, was a ball of anxiety the whole way through. Needy, clingy, and desperate. You could feel the book shake with anticipation. Still, I think he was done well. Scot talks a lot about his own pack, how he isn’t understood, and how he was hoping to kind of break out of his shell in college, only to fall further inwards. I feel you there buddy.

Scot honestly hit a lot of anxieties I have about new people, which were matched perfectly in Lonnie. Nice enough I don’t want to be mean, but desperate and clingy enough that boundaries need to be set, yet sensitive enough that things get misunderstood in a heartbeat. My own need to be a people-pleaser would suffocate the rest of me. I never want to meet a Scot.

In the time between stories, Lonnie has become much closer to Wendell and Tay. He’s brought some stuff over since he spends time there so much. They talk about plans elsewhere together. They make breakfast all the time. Oddly, despite his medical issues, Wendell and Tay act as an emotional pillar in this story. Maybe it’s because they know their path forward, for the most part. Or maybe because they’re less desperate than Scot. I would love a relationship like theirs. Without the looming stress and dread, of course.

Overall, I loved the story and would certainly read more of it. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

I really like Kyell Gold; he’s a solid writer, I’ve felt. I’m more confident now that this has been another successful story for him. When I first started collecting books from FurPlanet, I tried to diversify my reading as far as authors were concerned. I bought only one of his titles, which was The Mysterious Affair of Giles. It was by chance that I found him, really, was at first picking random authors and synopsis.

From what you’ve described, I could go for a book like this. Something dramatic, but not overly so. Thanks for the review!

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