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This Will Be the Day

Yay, my request finally got through! I’ve tried a few times and didn’t get any response, but I can’t guarantee that I didn’t just mess up my e-mail so many times -__-;

Anyway, I’m glad to finally be involved here. Uh, I’m not used to introducing myself in forums so I hope it wouldn’t be too obvious to say I’m a furry writer. I have one book published in a series of four so far: Legacy, Book One of the Resonance Tetralogy, under my real name of Hugo Jackson. It’s been out for a while but I only recently embraced myself as a furry so was reluctant to really involve myself with the community, so… I feel guilty about that, like I was trying to ostracise everyone. Having done some soul-searching and admitting to myself that I always WAS a furry but was too afraid to mention it to anyone to the point that I hid it away, and been since comfortable with admitting it, I feel like I’m in a much better place now. I’m really eager to talk to everyone and become even more involved with everything that’s going on.

I don’t really know many people yet, and I guess many people don’t know me either ^__^; I haven’t even got a fursona yet (if I did, it’s a pangolin, because they’re INCREDIBLE) So I hope this is a good place to start.

Regarding interests, I have a couple, especially writing, acting, voice acting, costume construction, stage combat, video games, collecting anime, movie and video game soundtracks and numerous plastic figures that I have neither the money nor space for.

bows Please consider me favourably.

Hi and welcome!

I don’t think anyone could release a book with a cover like that and not be a little bit furry :slight_smile: Welcome!

Haha, yeah, that was part of my realisation :stuck_out_tongue: I feel a little dumb for trying to ignore it.

Hi to you two, and thank you :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome! Please don’t be down on yourself for taking so long to embrace your furriness. Unfortunately, like with most communities, it’s the loudest and most extreme members that get the most attention from the public. It’s cause quite a bad reputation for the community as a whole >.< So it’s understandable that someone who doesn’t have any friends to introduce them to it would be so hesitant to even consider the fact.

I hope you enjoy your stay here :3 We’re always happy to see new faces. If you have any questions at all, about writing or the fandom in general, please feel free to ask. The only stupid question is the unasked question, for how else is one to learn?

For the record, yes, pangolins are totally awesome X3

Happy to have you

Greetings and welcome. Make yourself at home.

Hello and welcome! Our fandom needs more people who don’t care about its reputation to join, for it is in those numbers that we will eventually overcome that reputation.

Your book looks interesting. I might just have to look it up.


Hey! You should really drop by the chat any time me, Dwale and Televassi are having a discussion on that ;D you’d really be surprised by how many different positions on ‘furryness’ there are around here. And the most important thing is that you like to write, and you enjoy using anthro characters or animal themes.

Some of us aren’t even furries! But sssshh…

That cover looks sweet. Where can we find your book? Amazon? Plug man, plug!

Welcome aboard. :smiley:


If you’ll send me a review copy of the paperback edition of “Legacy”, I’ll be glad to cover it. Here are some of my reviews.

Please send it to me at:

Fred Patten
c/o Sherrill Patten
11113 Moorpark Street, apt. 105
North Hollywood, CA 91601


(Now that nominations for the Cóyotl Awards are open, I hope all FWG members are reading my reviews on Dogpatch Press. Some of the books covered were published before 2014, so do check the publication dates.)

Thank you :slight_smile: While it wasn’t traumatic or anything, the first time I tried to join a furry forum when I was… eighteen or so, maybe, was fairly unwelcoming, but I also had terrible confidence and paranoia issues at the time, and I got the feeling that people were always wary of newbies, which is understandable to a degree. As that was about eleven years ago it’s amazing to see how much has changed since then, and everywhere has been so much more welcoming this time round. Not to mention I’m more social than I was back then. There’s always that trepidation when I try to talk to people about what I write because, as you said, people’s perceptions are often based on sensationalism of the worst aspects. I still haven’t written my official ‘coming out’ blog post yet, although I have planned on it for months, and definitely want to.

I have a pangolin in my book series ^___^ I’m so glad to be among people who know them.

Thank you!

I shall do so, hehe. I hope nobody minds homemade broccolli cheddar soup.

Definitely. It’s nice now, looking at blogs and Tumblr feeds, to see people making a distinction between SFW and NSFW posts and blogs. That people are so ready to make the distinction helps a lot, I think, and I hadn’t realised the disparity in personality between a lot of people who only look at the yiffy stuff, and people who accept both as part of the culture in proportion. Not that there’s anything wrong with adult themes, mind you, but I feel like there’s a much more concerted effort to show people that isn’t all we have, and there’s a real personality and creativity behind all of it.


Oh, that’d be awesome ^^ I think for a long time I put off my furriness because there were parts of the fandom I didn’t think I’d get into (like talking to people facepalm--), and because I was so worried about what people would think of me. I want my books to be successful and loved and shared, more than anything, because I’ve been so passionate about this world in my head for about eleven years. And then I went and alienated myself from the one audience that I knew would appreciate it. It’s pretty silly.

I won’t tell, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaah, plugs!

http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-Hugo-Jackson/dp/1908600225 -Amazon paperback
http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-Hugo-Jackson-ebook/dp/B00F4B37VY/ -Kindle link
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-legacy-fredi-jackson/1105583381?ean=9781908600226 -Barnes and Noble paperback

It should also be available for Nook on Barnes and Noble but for some reason my publisher’s catalogue has disappeared from there. So if anyone needs an epub version they’re coming right from me at the moment. I was really lucky with the cover to be able to commission Minna Sundberg before she branched into her comic series. She did awesome fantastic work on it.

I’m sending out a few tomorrow; you shall have a copy also :slight_smile: Thank you greatly.

Welcome to the forums!!!

There’s definitely been a bit of an evolution in the fandom in the past decade. I’m really glad you’re giving it another chance! I’ll be honest, I’ve been in the fandom for thirteen years now and there are still areas I’ll never venture into >.> You don’t have to be into everything the community has to offer. Even if you’re only interested in one little leaf off of one little stem off of one single branch, you’re still part of the tree as a whole :3

You’re right, the distinction does make it easier to navigate the fandom. I enjoy the beauty of both sides of the Force, so to speak, but it really depends on where I am and who I’m with for what I can view or read and when :stuck_out_tongue: If you write short stories at all and might be interested in taking part in anthologies, there are a few up that are very much SFW. Feel free to check out the Publishing and Marketing thread when you can. There are lots of opportunities there.

By the way, home made broccolli cheddar soup’s the best! X3 I’ll bring the bowls!

Anywho, thrilled to see your book’s on kindle! I might have to download it later :smiley:

And rambles end here :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to see you in the chatbox sometime!

Thank you, Voice!

I like that analogy you make, that even a leaf is part of the tree. It’s a lovely way of looking at things- not just fandoms per se, but life, too.

Hehe, yeah, timing makes a big difference. I tend to stay much more in the SFW side of things, especially where writing is (I don’t write sex myself, as I find it too personal an experience to do justice to without it sounding a little gross). I’m actually interested in contributing to an anthology even though I don;t tend to write short stories. I just had an idea the other day that I’d submit if the theme was appropriate :slight_smile:

Yay soups! I always make far too much >.>; I am happy to share, hehe.

With regards to Kindle, it may be on sale in the next few days, so I’ll let peeps know, especially those who’ve expressed an interest. That’s if we can get everything sorted out in time, though >.>;

Hi there!
Being new to forums I can totally relate to. Before I entered the fandom 3 years ago (or is 4 now? times really flies by) I didn’t do forums or chats at all. I did have my occasional SMS chats now and then, and that was it. And look at me now, being all over the place - guess it is never too late to learn something new :wink:

Well said! Well said, indeed.
I suppose this correlate as much to “real” life, I mean: outside the furry fandom, as it does within furry relations. One hing I realized, is that it wasn’t enough to be just furry. Though it is awesome to gather with people sharing the affinity for the anthropomorphic, I soon began looking for people with same interests. And it wasn’t until then, I began to feel really part of this gigantic mess of fluff :slight_smile:

By the way. I do amateur acting and choir singing, so if that is something you like to talk about, you are more than welcome to hit me up on Skype. Rattietherat, is the name (if you do, please state you are from FWG, otherwise I might ignore you) :slight_smile:
Now venture forth with much yayness :3

Hi Rattie!

I’d sort of prod and poke at people who I thought were furries, but being so self-conscious I have no idea how I came across and pretty much ran away and shut myself inside as soon as I’d even sent a message. It feels so much better to be out and about, and I know I can’t share my works or make friends by locking myself in my own head. It feels a lot, lot better out here; I’m glad you were able to do the same too :slight_smile:

Oh cool, I may well hit you up for that :slight_smile: I’d love to do more singing, but I fell out of lessons after I finished my acting course in college. At the moment I do amateur voice acting online through websites like CastingCall, and I’m finding that very satisfying. I was even in a Redwall one not long ago, and auditioned for another.

All the yayness shall be had, and shared!