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I enjoy writing about anthropomorphic animals and their interactions with humanity. I have thousands of pages written on a species called the Naakaanee.

I have also spent a decade with captive wolves, learning their behaviors, personalities, and even bonding with an alpha male wolf.

Do you have an FA page?

Yes sir,


Always cool when I see someone whose created and fully developed a new species. Welcome!

Thank you so much! :3

Although I have written literally thousands of pages on the Naakaanee, I have begun writing about a genetically engineered half lupine anthropomorphic species that are known as the “Genetics”. I am really enjoying it, actually, as they are bound by human laws and are treated as nothing more than maintenance creatures by most people- although I do like to center my stories around humans falling in love with them. (Although a rare occurrence, overall)

Interesting concept. Would love to read more when you get done =)

I find animal behavior so fascinating – it’s awesome that you were able to have those experiences with wolves. I’ve only done a little second and third-hand research into big cat behavior, and I find that it’s helped my furry writing immensely.

I imagine it’s even more so with you.


I am REALLY sorry I am replying so late! I have been writing more than ever mostly to help me deal with stress and other issues. Wanted to let you know, I will be posting stories, but I have abandoned the idea of a genetically engineered half wolf species, instead focusing more on my Naakaanee people as they are God- breathed and genetically speaking share no DNA with wolves.

Again, apologies for such a late reply!

My experiences with wolves have been life changing for me, and a highlight of my life. Especially bonding with the large white alpha male. It’s funny you mention it helping your furry writing, it has for me too! Ear positions, body language, etc. What I wish to capture most of all is the essence of selfless spiritual beauty, kindness and devotion I found in the hearts of the wolf. It is my aim to capture that and combine it with sapience, without corrupting it as often happens with mankind. Preserving innocence in spite of affliction… And showing true love that never gives up.

Welcome to the forums.


Welcome to the forums!