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The Writer's Almanac: Possibly the best poem-a-day of all.

The Writer’s Almanac is, for my money, the best site I can name for great daily poetry. If you want to be inspired and moved by beautiful words, it’s a go-to choice.

Some of my all-time favorites, from the site:

After Our Daughter’s Wedding, by Ellen Bass

The Surgeon, by Alicia Suskin Ostriker

Ooh, that is good! And curated by Garrison Keillor! (Or at least ‘with’ him, whatever that means.)

http://eggpoetry.com will email you a poem a week.

I’ve enjoyed this daily 5 minute radio spot by Keillor for years without realizing that it was available as a podcast or by email. Thanks for the tip.

I’ll look into eggpoetry too.

The Poetry Foundation has a free app for Android or IOS that serves up poems and lets you search for them by topic or author.