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The Voice of Dog • Updated

100 episodes in and still going strong, The Voice of Dog podcast is still eager for short stories, to be narrated for a continually growing audience! We’ve read a variety of genres; comedic and dystopian, melancholy and romantic, silly, sexy and philosophical.


  • Between 2000 and 5000 words
  • Any genre (including erotica!)
  • Furry or furry-adjacent
  • Upbeat

That last one is the hardest to define. It’s really very broad; we’ve featured stories that deal with tragedy, trauma and oppression — but they always leave the reader feeling a little more hopeful, courageous, or optimistic. Put another way: the ending shouldn’t be a bummer :slight_smile:

Regarding erotica: 18+ stories are clearly marked on the website, in the show notes, and get an audio content warning at the start, but The Voice of Dog is committed to being sex-positive and sexy stories are welcome. I do have a preference for stories that have more to them than “two horny folks are somewhere, and then they bang” but I’ve been surprised before!

We’ve recently experimented with longer-form stories as well, split into two or three pieces. This opens up the possibility of including longer stories, but in order to keep the episodes individually enjoyable for our listeners, the guidelines are a little tighter.

Longer works should:

  • Be broken into either two or three parts of 2500-4500 words each
  • Have breaks at moments that are narratively satisfying
  • Not feature explicit sex

That last one is because TVoD doesn’t feature two spicy stories in a row, to welcome younger and ace listeners.

If you have stories you think would be a good fit, hit me up! I’m @khakidoggy on Twitter and Telegram, and I’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

— Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.

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