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"The significance of plot without conflict"

I thought this was an interesting essay comparing story structures with and without conflict:


I am, I have to admit, apparently heavily Western influenced.

Interesting! I’d like to read some non-manga examples of this.

I think “The Slow Regard of Silent Things” by Pat Rothfuss falls into this category. Good book. Strange, but good. :slight_smile:

You could try “Rashomon and Other Stories” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

Thank you both!

There should be some great examples in translated Japanese literature :3

And I adore The Slow Regard of Silent Things <3 I hadn’t thought of it before, but it’s easy to imagine it falls right into this category. I might have to find more lit like this.

I must be weird, because reading that I found the presented non-conflict method really boring.

There’s a reason it’s not as common in Western Lit. I imagine it’s also dependant on what we’ve been exposed to through our lives.