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The second [a][s] poetry collection

Hi everyone

Just a heads-up that our glorious FWG overlord is curating the second [adjective][species] poetry collection. Submissions are now open, just in time for Poetry Month.


I loved last year’s collection—most of the entries unsurprisingly came from FWG members—and it’s my hope that this becomes an annual event.


Less than 2 weeks left to get your submissions in! Deadline is April 22. Send me stuff! :slight_smile:

Working on it. Trying to get into a chicken’s head is tough. Not enough room in there…

I just went and looked again at last years Adjective Species poetry collection, and I’m still very impressed by the quality of the poems by many members of FWG. I hope this year’s collection will be just as good. It’s not too late to submit your poems!

Only a few days left…

Also, a note for those who haven’t sent in their submissions yet: If you’re sending multiple poems as an attachment, please put all the poems in a single attachment. Makes it a lot easier and faster for me than opening file after file. :slight_smile:

If you’ve already sent multiple attachments, you don’t need to re-send anything; I just wanted to make a note for those who were still getting ready to send stuff in.

As of right now, everyone who’s sent a submission so far should have received some kind of reply from me (acceptance, rejection, or hold). If not, something has gone awry, so let me know ASAP!