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The Revenge of Furry Booktober

I think Rechan is on to something with Furry Booktober. How about next year we do it as an official Thing:

[ul][li]Pick a month[/li]
[li]Encourage authors to do giveaways, offer free downloads or reduce prices on selected items[/li]
[li]Encourage publishers to offer incentives like free shipping or a discount code[/li]
[li]Encourage readers to read furry books and blog, tweet or talk about them[/li]
[li]Set up a page on the FWG explaining the concept and linking to all of this goodness[/li]
[li]Get Flayrah or Dogpatch in on the act - try to post a review a day during the month?[/li]
[li]And give it a better name :P[/li][/ul]

…have I just volunteered?

Probably. :slight_smile: And what’s wrong with Furry Booktober?

Actually, I do think October makes for a decent time for something like this – before NaNoWriMo and the rush of the holidays, after all the books being released at Rainfurrest. (Unless RF’s dates would change, of course.) The other obvious times would be to go for the month after Anthrocon, as that’s another big release time (so August, I guess) or maybe February just if we want some “f” alliteration with “furry.” XD

Anyway, all sounds like a good idea to me, especially if we have a year to plan…


That’s kinda awful. D:

Well, there’s Furry FeBookary. :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea of getting it into a big thing with everyone contributing is a great idea! :smiley: I would be all too happy to help.

I vote October.

I like the name Furry Booktober, and I also like how it comes right before NaNoWriMo.

Yeah, I also like Furry Booktober just fine. This also gives a whole year to plan too.

I’m in as far as offering some publisher incentives to make this a thing. I’ll be happy to work with Huskyteer on that.

I definitely vote Furry Booktober!

Ah, you guys are ace. Please keep the suggestions coming!

I know I’m necroing a thread here, but it didn’t seem right to start a new thread for what I have to say.

Is this still something in the works? If so it seems like a thing that would need to begin getting set up around now. A niche-wide marketing push like that is going to take some time to get organized/set up, especially if you are expecting to have things like give-aways and special sales.

Just thought I’d give this a nudge and check it’s pulse because it does seem like a good idea.

I’ve spent several months uncomfortably aware that this is something I started :slight_smile: I will put feelers out towards some publishers!

If you need help organizing or anything like that give me a nudge. I haven’t done anything like this before, but I have enough time and wouldn’t mind the experience.