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The Reclamation Project — Year One

Posting on behalf of the Gneech, who was having some technical difficulties:


The Reclamation Project is an anthology of furry stories in a shared world, a fantasy setting of a post-cataclysmic but ultimately optimistic future. Drawing elements from solarpunk, sword and sorcery/sword and planet, and super-science adventure tales, The Reclamation Project tells the story of this future world by focusing on the stories of the furs who live in it. It is intended to be the first in a series.

Length: 2,000 - 18,000 words. Query if longer or shorter. We tend to prefer stories between 4,000 and 10,000 words.
Multiple Submissions: Keep it reasonable; two or three stories at a time is probably okay; ten isn’t.
Reprints: Yes, but include information about where the story was previously published and be sure you retain the rights. We’re more interested in stories that will be new to the majority of our audience, and you must be willing to revise to the setting bible if necessary.
Simultaneous Submissions: No. If you send a story to us, please don’t send it anywhere else until you hear back from us.
Response Time: You should get at least some kind of response within 8 weeks of submission, in order to have time for access to the setting bible and any necessary revisions.
Payment: 1/2 cent per word and one contributor’s copy.*
Deadline: August 31st, 2019
Expected Release Date: December, 2019

I was not planning on doing any anthologies this year, but this one sounds like way too much fun. Do you have a set history or idea of how the world became post-cataclysmic? Or is that part to remain a mystery or perhaps hinted at? Was a self destruction/war… or perhaps an asteroid… or maybe a few scientists who should never have tried that?

Hi Gnarl - nice to hear from you again! Your best bet is to drop a message to Gneech on here (http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1975) or by email (given on the website).

Definitely see the influence of the old Thieve’s World anthologies in the world building. Going to see if I can punch something out before the deadline once I finish my current project.

Excited to hear about this, working on a story for this and really enjoying the setting and shared premise of the anthology.

First draft completed and about half way through the initial re-read-and-edit… turns out i /did/ want to write a story in this universe! :wink:

Great to hear! I’m cracking on too.

About 4k words in on mine, though the title still eludes me.

Story completed. Now I have to edit it (sigh). Anyway, “Silence and Sword” came out to a hair above 11k words. I know that’s above the 10k ideal, but I hope you’ll find it intriguing enough to let that slide.