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The new FWG forums

Hey folks! Your friendly snep forum admin here. I’ve been working to make this transition as smooth as possible, and it’s looking like we’ve got most of our information from the old SMF forums all set here on the new Discourse. Yay!

That said, there’s still a few problems we’ve run into, which basically break down as follows:

  • Some of the formatting got wonky - SMF uses a few slight variants on BBCode, which means that not all of the formatting made it through. Unfortunately, where it didn’t, it’s pretty obvious. You’ll see a lot of [ul][li] type things scattered throughout for now.
  • Some of the quotes got wonky - Although Discourse will happily allow you to quote others above you in the thread, it stumbles over a few bits that are left over from SMF like above. If you see quotes that don’t look right (e.g: you see [quote…] tags instead of the text actually being quoted), it’s because the quote tags need to be on their own lines.

I’m going through and reparing some of these as I see them (because honestly, it’s easier to do that than it is to continue to try and fix the poor, neglected SMF importer script), so things will slowly improve over time. Still, I’m only one cat, so it’ll take some time.

If you want to help…

There are two things you can do!

  1. Edit your own posts - When you see one of your posts with broken BBCode or quotes, fix it as described below.
  2. Point out broken posts to me in replies to this topic - I’m prowling through topics newest to oldest, so it may be a bit until I get to one that needs fixing. If you find one and would like to see it fixed, link it in a reply.

Fixing BBCode

A lot of the BBCode problems I’m seeing surround lists, but you may also find some errors around italics and the like. The easiest way to fix them is to just translate them to markdown, which is what Discourse uses natively. It’s much easier, both to write and to read! For example, if you see the following:

Sneps are:

[li]irrationally afraid of cucumbers[/li][/ul]

You can translate that to markdown quite easily:

Sneps are:

* soft
* majestic
* irrationally afraid of cucumbers

Fixing quotes

If you run into an instance that looks like the following:

[quote="Soandso, post:x, topic:y"]Have you heard about cats?

I think they're really great[/quote]

You can fix that to be a quote by just adding a newline so that the [quote…] tags are on their own lines:

[quote="Soandso, post:x, topic:y"]
Have you heard about cats?

I think they're really great

Which makes a proper quote like so:


Smol update! Forums now live at https://forums.furrywritersguild.com instead of fwg.makyo.io. Do not fret, though! All links to the old site will redirect to the new.

Stay safe, stay sane.