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The Leo Literary Awards

The Furry Book Review program is proud to announce its founding of the new Leo Literary Awards!

The Leo Awards’ goal is to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. The Award will be given to those works who pass a benchmark score by our judges. This means that there will not be one singular “best” work in each category.

Current categories include Novels, Novellas, Anthologies, Nonfiction, Short Stories, and Poems.

Novels here are defined as anything 60,000 words or more. Novellas are anything published by itself but less than 60k.

Eligibility for Nomination:
Either the author or the publisher have to identify openly as furry
The work itself has to be at least arguably furry and is marketed to furries (although not necessarily exclusively for furries)
Has to have been published in its first edition in 2017
Has to have been published in print
Nominations have to be emailed to furrybookreview@gmail.com by March 1st, 2018

Who Gets to Nominate?
Anyone who has published a novel, two stories, or three poems; also, anyone who has edited an anthology (any qualifications must have been in the past five years) (nominations cannot be of their own work or of an anthology that includes their work; same goes for a publisher or editor of a work)
Any reviewer in the Furry Book Review program
Nominators can only nominate one work for each category

How Does Voting Work?
There will be a 5-10 person panel made up of equal parts (or very close to equal in the case of an odd number) of furry writers and non-furry writers (If part of the task of the Leos is to showcase furry literature to people outside the fandom even, then there has to be non-furry writers who also see the quality in our work.)
The people in the panel will vote on the works to be showcased in each category. A work will have to receive two-thirds of the votes in order to pass the bar and receive the Leo.