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The Great Furry Web Outage of 2014

It would appear that several furry sites have been under attack, with a few being taken down these last few days, has anyone been significantly impacted?

I’m thinking I need to keep a copy of all my free stories on my personal site, but that’s a minor quibble.

Given that Weasyl was attacked but recovered more quickly, I haven’t really been affected, since everything worthwhile from my FA gallery is crossposted there. Then again, I don’t spend all that much time on FA anymore anyway, or really keep up with furry art that much like I used to – and unlike artists, I don’t have commission issues or loss of income to worry about when FA and others go down.

Only insofar as it’s been an annoyance. I am curious as to what sort of child has the overabundance of free time to orchestrate something like this.

I’m a little worried since I have a lot of art and some writings on there that I don’t have posted anywhere else, and the laptop that has most of them is broken. Even more so, the older pieces of art made by artists who are no longer around are enough to set me on edge.

I suppose once it’s back up again I’ll finally have to put my nose to the grindstone and start cross-posting on Weasyl and DA before emailing them to myself. Yay more stuff to do x.x

I’m just glad these forums are a small enough community as to not be targetted. Or if we have been targetted, the coder should get a medal and all the interwebz points for keeping us safe.

Seems to be down again now :frowning:

I loved the last line of that Flayrah article! Well played.

Dropbox and/or Google Drive. Definitely a lifesaver.

I don’t know why, but both have always made me anxious. I’ve never had problems with Google though, so I might cave and start investing some time into learning Drive. I think I might even be able to access it on my work comp, which is more than I can say about Dropbox x.x

I just recently bought the MyCloud from WD. Personally cloud storage. It’s a bit pricy since it’s a physical unit ($150 for 2tb), but it’s yours forever with no fees or subscriptions. So far I love it, and it’s secure enough that I can’t get onto it from my work computer (which is annoying, but that’s why I own a laptop).

Also external hard drives. I use three of them – two at my house and one at a different site.