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The Doomed Mouse Utopia That Inspired the 'Rats of NIMH' (link)

Found this on Atlas Obscura…

Wow! o.O

No wonder that book’s so disturbing. The science behind it is, too.

That was really neat. Thanks!

Forensic/cultural anthropology in action. It is my understanding the Mars expedition ‘longhouses,’ living, and research areas are habitats based on a room/womb or Ark paradigm. Alpha humans, long-term (multi-generational) challenge and dangerous levels of adrenaline will test the functionality of the present voyager design of humans and their spaces.

I’m thinking we need further “up-grades” before H. sapiens is ready to seed other exoplanets. Furries may be too hard-wired to “grow into” an advanced, new-and-improved (?) species of man-animal-machine merge. We are presently living in that box!

What lies beyond a pair of ears, a tail and a foxy face fitted around a big human cranium?