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The [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

Hi everyone. Hopefully by now you will have seen that Lunostophiles over at [adjective][species] has published those poems that were accepted to be part of the poetry collection. There are lots of familiar FWG guid names:


I didn’t have anything to do with the curating or selection of poems, although I was fortunate enough to see many of the poems as they were submitted, and many of the poems that weren’t ultimately published. I can tell you that the quality was very high indeed, as evidenced by the final selection.

It’s a been terrific event and I have no doubt it will become an annual fixture on [adjective][species]. Thanks must go to Lu, and I hope you are able to take the time to either drop him a note at @lunostophiles or by giving your thoughts on the piece itself.

Thanks must also go to Shining River. This entire exercise was inspired by his thoughtful and well-researched piece on animal poetry. He submitted it to [adjective][species] last year, and through a miscommunication we failed to respond to him for many months. Thankfully he was gracious when we realized our mistake, and it’s through that piece that the entire focus on poetry came about.

Finally, I’d like to take the chance to highlight a poem written by Lunostophiles and published on [adjective][species] back in 2013. Lu presumably didn’t feel like he should publish one of his own pieces as editor of the collection, but he is a formidable poet in his own right.


I was so glad to see such good participation in the Adjective Species poetry collection and I’m honored to have one of mine among the poems of the writers of Furry Writers Guild. Thank you Lunostophiles for your effort and I enjoyed your Whiskey Sour poem. It took a couple readings for me to really appreciate it, but that is often the case (for me) with complex poems such as yours.

I wanted to thank Luno for organizing the poems, and I’m very happy that you enjoyed what was accepted, JM. I was overjoyed to be included in the collection, and had wanted to be a part of [adjective][species] for a while after I had read most of its articles. I think this blog does a great service for the fandom, and publishes some very smart and carefully considered opinions that contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding furry and its subcultures.

Very nice collection. Loved the variety. Impressed by the talent. Look forward to next issue.

Hopefully I can be part of this in the future.