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The 2020 Cóyotl Awards Recommended Reading List

As we get ready for the 2020 Cóyotl Awards, authors and publishers are pulling together their eligible publications on the Cóyotl Awards recommended reading list. This page contains a non-exhaustive list of works which are eligible for nomination this year. If you have a work to add to this list, you can reply to this post or contact the chair. Please be sure to include the full title and author name, as well as what category the work belongs to.

As a reminder, works are generally divided by wordcount. Works less than 20,000 words are short stories, 20,000-50,000 are novellas, and 50,000+ are novels. Additionally, there is a category for anthologies, which also accepts single-author anthologies. Not all stories in an anthology need be newly published, but at least some must be newly published in 2020 (that is, a reprint anthology is not eligible).

Also, this year, the awards will be accepting other literary works which do not fit in the traditional categories. These may be graphic novels, original podcasts, interactive fiction, and similar non-traditional works. If there are not enough nominations to fill this category out (at least four), then these works will be lumped in with categories of a similar word count. For example, if a work of interactive fiction with 30,000 words is submitted as the only entrant, it will be added to the “novella” category, but if several works of interactive fiction are nominated, this category will remain separate. For more information, please see the award rules.

Edit 1: The podcast The Voice of Dog is considered a valid publication venue for short stories.

Edit 2: You can keep an eye on the page listed above, but I’ll also :heart: your post when I’ve added your work to the list :slight_smile:

Edit 3: This is just a reading list, not the actual nomination form. This is a thread/page for your for-your-considerations. As such, now’s the time to list your own eligible works! Nominations will open January 1.

Wait, that was silly. Why not just make a lovely list of my work from this year to cover everything?

Short Stories
The Glow - Linnea Capps - The Electric Sewer - Bound Tales Press
Titillating Trivia - Linnea Capps - Sensory De-Tails - Bound Tales Press
Familiar - Linnea Capps - Dogpile - Bound Tales Press
What Makes a Witch - Linnea Capps - Weasel Press

Furry Haiku - Thurston Howl - Weasel Press

I’m in that last one but I just figure in general a bit of poetry in the fandom is worth noting.

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I’d like to add my short story “Sound Check,” which appeared on the Voice of Dog podcast on October 7, 2020. (I’m hoping that’s a qualifying venue!) https://podcasts.apple.com/nl/podcast/sound-check-by-k-c-shaw/id1502909084?i=1000493936471&l=en

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Hey, I actually have eligible stuff this year. Kinda a lot of stuff. Whee!

Blood and Fire, by S. Park, published by JMS Books (Admittedly borderline furry, the two main characters are a winged human “avian” and a were-lion.)

Short stories:
Fitting Together, by S.Park, published in Scry of Lust 2 by Iconoclast Productions, edited by Sumiko Saulson
An Incident at Demansk Station, by Stephanie Park, published in Furries Hate Nazis by Bound Tales, edited by Kate Watts
Ware the Deep, by Stephanie Park, published in Burnt Fur by Blood Bound Books, edited by Ken MacGregor (Also with were-people, but very focused on the animal aspect, so I feel it definitely qualifies.)
To Study War No More, by S. Park, published in We’re The Weird Aliens by BookBaby, edited by Mara Lynn Johnstone

Anthology: (I think? It’s a collection of three stories.)
The Magic Returns by S. Park, published by JMS Books (Again, were-people rather than furry-furries.)

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I’d like to add my story Date Night from The Voice of Dog.

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Submitted for the approval of the committee, I present my story Unintended, published in the Tales of Hayven Celestia anthology, edited by Gre7g Luterman and Rick Griffin.

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I’d like to put forth my short story ‘Water’, which appeared on the Voice of Dog on Aug 19/21 (two-parter).

First part: https://www.thevoice.dog/episode/water-by-utunu-part-1-of-2
Second part: https://www.thevoice.dog/episode/water-by-utunu-part-2-of-2

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Hey friends! Amy Clare Fontaine here. Here are my eligible works from 2020!

Other Works:

Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure (interactive novel from Choice of Games, 250,000 words)
Animal Sighting Simulator” (interactive fiction on itch.io, short story length, FREE)
“Animal Attributes in Furry Writing” (essay, short story length) - in From Paw to Print by Thurston Howl Publications

Short Stories:

The Dragon Maker” (FREE) in Zooscape
What Spawned the Sequel” (FREE) in Echoes
“From the Rooftop Came the Cat” in Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles
“On a Sickle Weasel Wind” in Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles
“Supper of Suppon” in Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles

Thank you for your interest and support! :pray:

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I had three stories that appeared in the voice of dog I’d like to see get included.

Foxing for Pizza” [18+]
Loving You is Wrong” [18+]
The Tomb Guardian

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2020 releases (not a ton since ROAR and FANG have been delayed…)

Ritual of the Ancients: https://www.goalpublications.com/store/p108/ritual-of-the-ancients-paperback.html

Short Stories:
The White Deer in Zooscape: https://zooscape-zine.com/white-deer/
The Pine Lesson in Ironclaw: The Book of Legends: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/302503/The-Book-of-Legends-Tales-from-the-Lands-of-IRONCLAW
Black Quorgo in The Complete Dragonsbane Saga collection: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Dragonsbane-Saga-Madison-Keller/dp/1945247673

Message me if you want to read any of these short stories before nominating and I will send you a copy!

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I’d like to add my novel, Entanglement Bound, to the list. It was published by Aethon Books, and I’m happy to send review e-copies to anyone who wants to consider it before making nominations, or who’s interested in reviewing it.

I also have a bunch of furry short stories that were published this year…

Somewhere Over the Ocean (Boldly Going Forward)
The Fire In Her Claws (Daily Science Fiction)
The Fog Comes On Little Cat Feet (Daily Science Fiction)
Catacomb’s Orchestra (Daily Science Fiction)
Fish Heart (Daily Science Fiction)
Summer Strawberries (The Voice of Dog)
The Were-Raptor and the Seamstress Robot (Daily Science Fiction)
Paper Horn (Daily Science Fiction)
–Green Skin Deep (All Worlds Wayfarer)
–In the Roots of the World Tree (Typewriter Emergencies)
–A Sense of Clarity (Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology)

Also, almost everything published by Zooscape in the last year should be eligible in the short story category. There were a small handful of reprints, always labelled at the bottom of the story. I’ll try to put together a list of the eligible works (which is everything except the reprints) sometime. But no guarantees on that. There’s just always so many things to do…

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Oooh, thanks for this. I’ve called it out specifically on the page, and will try and do some digging, myself.

I’ll add my novella Soup of the Moment for your consideration.

This is a prequel novella to my previous two anthropomorphic novels, Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard and The Moons of Barsk, both of which have received the Cóyotl Award.

I’m happy to send electronic ARCs to anyone who would like one. Just send me an email (klingonguy@gmail.com) and identify yourself as a FWG member. Please specify what file format you’d prefer (your choices are PDF, epub, or mobi). Or, if you’re also a SFWA Member, it’s available for download from the appropriated 2020 Fiction forum.

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My eligible works this year include:
by Frances Pauli

Novel: Disbanded

Novella: Rightful Salvage
Novella: Sky Fires: The Earth Tigers book Two

Short Story:
Six to the Rescue: Published in Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements Vol 1
Pirates Only Love Treasure: Published in the Swashbuckling Cats anthology
The Fart Heard Round the World: Published in Welcome to the Alpacalypse
Under the Umbrian Sun; Published in Tales of Hayven Celestia
Holiday Rush

I have review copies of many of these if anyone wishes to read for consideration.

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I’ve had a few things released this year.

Short Story
These are the Days of Our Lives - published in Sensory De-Tails through TH Bound Tales, June 23, 2020

From Paw to Print - edited by Thurston Howl, TH Bound Tales, June 1, 2020
Difursity - edited by Weasel, TH Bound Tails, April 20, 2020

Weasel Press & CO

Although #ohmurr! isn’t an antho, it does publish furry fiction, the stories published in it do for the short story category to my knowledge :slight_smile:

Short Story
What Makes a Witch by Linnea Capps - Weasel Press
Circle Sky by Cedric Bacon -#ohmurr! Summer 2020 - Red Ferret Press
Connected by the Waves by Circ-#ohmurr! Summer 2020 - Red Ferret Press
Jitters by WhiteClaw-#ohmurr! Summer 2020 - Red Ferret Press
Dark of Night by Primus Leonides-#ohmurr! Summer 2020 - Red Ferret Press

Furry Haiku edited by Thurston Howl - Weasel Press
Typewriter Emergencies Fall 2020 edited by Weasel - Weasel Press

I’ve got some short stories that were published this year I’d like to add to the reading list:

“Unpredictability” featured on The Voice of Dog: https://www.thevoice.dog/episode/unpredictability-by-nenekiri-bookwyrm

“Distress Signal” published in Boldly Going Forward, Goal Publication’s 2020 charity anthology.