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The 2013 short story nominees - online?

Of the short story nominees on the ballot:

Chasing the Spotlight by Tim Susman
Greener on the Other Side by Sarina Dorie
Rearview by Sean Silva
The Savior of Dragondom by Sarina Dorie

I know “Rearview” is on FA here. Anybody know offhand if the other nominees are available free online anywhere?

Both “Rearview” and “Greener on the Other Side” can be read online in Allasso:


I’ve spoken to Tim. I’ll be posting Chasing the Spotlight to BadDogBooks.com to promote roar 4 and this nomination. I’ll try to get it online this evening and will link back here when it’s up.

EDIT: Plans were made for me before I got home from work and formatting the story for the web is going to take a little doing so there will be a delay in getting this online.