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Texas Furry Fiesta 2019

I received an email from Sasuke, the writing track lead. Since he said to invite others I figured I’d share the post here. Please email him about interest in panels.

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for the late start in getting TFF planned for this coming year, but I figured it would be easiest once everyone had a chance to kind of get MFF out of the way and knew a bit better if they were going to be able to make it to the convention.

Anyways! The theme for this year is Dungeons and Dragons, and this should be a great year for writing things in that vein. I am open to suggestions for panels and panelists, so if you have ideas please pass them along. What I have so far for ideas are:

Writing 101
Adult Writing 101
Fantasy Writing
Game Writing
World Building
Character Building
Inspiration: Where to Find It
Let’s Design A Story
Keeping Motivated
How To Get Published
Writer’s Meet N Greet

The usual fair, for sure, but there are a few I want to try out this year. Let me know and I hope to see all of you at TFF! Please pass this along too if you have anyone in mind to help out with panels!


Contact him at writing@furryfiesta.org