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Texas Furry Fiesta 2017

March 24 – 26, 2017
Dallas, TX

Since TFF is my home town con and FurPlanet is based here, I would really like to see TFF step up its writing programming in a big way. I’ve already started discussing this with our writing track lead, Sasuke, and he is in agreement.

TFF 2017 is a particularly good convention to talk up the writing aspect of the fandom because we will have a writing GOH for the first time in a few years, Ursula Vernon!

Naturally we’re going to get Ursula on a few panels. I’d also like to know how many FWG members will be attending next year. We didn’t have an FWG Meet and Greet panel this year so I’d like to have either that, an FWG Reading, or a general Writers Meet n Greet panel.

This year we had 11 panels on the writing track:

[ul][li]Book release[/li]
[li]Writing Competition[/li]
[li]Writing in the Furry Fandom: From Commissions to Novels[/li]
[li]Building a Cast of Characters[/li]
[li]Whodunnits and Whydithappens[/li]
[li]Write Now! A Short Story Workshop[/li]
[li]Writing Adventures[/li]
[li]Keep on Writing: Staying Motivated[/li]
[li]RAWR: Furry Writing Workshop Year One[/li]
[li]Plot and World Development[/li]
[li]Publisher Q&A[/li][/ul]

I don’t expect us to reach Rainfurrest’s 40+ panels in one cycle, but I’d like to at least bump that up to 20, if not 25.

One challenge we face is currently attendance at the writing panels is small. On the plus side, we do sell a lot of books at this con so we know there’s an audience for the literary side of the fandom here. I think we may have some years with low panel attendance, but if we push for more panels, more publicity for them, and more FWG presence at TFF then I think we can build a viable writing community at this con.

So, thoughts? Who all is planning to come next year? I know it’s early, but might as well get the ball rolling now that we’ve completed the 2016 con. :slight_smile:

I should be there and willing to give as many panels as desired on a wide variety of subjects. Just ask! If Sasuke wants help with anything, have him write me and I’ll do my best. He has my address.

In a perfect world I’d certainly love to be able to make it, but alas I don’t know how possible it will be at this stage!

I’ll be there, at least I’m planning on being there. If you need any help with anything, just shoot me an email/twitter message. I’m in Houston so TFF is an easier con for me to go to. :slight_smile:

I went to TFF 2016 this last year but only made it to one writers panel (Publisher Q&A). Was interesting, but definitely didn’t have the attendance we might hope for. I’ve also (somehow) managed to talk to a variety of staff members on TFF and it looks like this next year they are paying more close attention to getting the theme integrated with the events. I would recommend trying to sort panels around the theme if possible as the staff might give preference to that (so maybe the story competition can be “Scribbling Science” or something that focuses on sci-fi stories).

I’d also recommend trying to get a panel together, if at all possible, made for fans instead of made for writers. The difference being instead of “how to write” panels, it should be “remember this story, let’s talk about that!” I know this is more challenging, but people go to panels to learn something about what they love… and we should be acknowledging their love of our fandom’s great stories. And seriously, at least 9 of the panels from last year were for writers more than fans.

Can’t speak if I’m going to be at TFF 2017 just yet, life is in flux again. However, going to try and make it.

If finances can work themselves out, I would like to add TFF to my list of cons. I don’t see much hope for it in 2017, but 2018 seems promising. Who knows, maybe I might be surprised!

I was looking for a con to attend, since my go to usual con of Rainfurrest is not around. I suppose I will attend Vancoufur next year as well, but that con has odd associations in my mind due to no fault of its own.

Furry Fiesta at least has my loners escape, a writing competition I can retreat into when I am bored. :slight_smile:

I plan on attending! It’ll be my 1st anthro con, and my 1st attempt at fursuiting. I look forward to seeing the GoHs (especially Ursula Vernon) and checking out all the panels, art, and fursuiters. ;D

I’ll be there this year, and I hope to make TFF a yearly trip for me!

I’ll be attending! First US con for me too!

Hopefully I’ll have a badge sorted by then so people can actually try to collar me. xD

One year Yannarra and I would like to attend.
Unfortunately that will have to wait until the USA’s political climate changes.

Will be there and probably at 90% of the writing panels

Oh! I was going to ask, will there be an unofficial meet and greet since this year there’s not an official one in the schedule?

There is one, but it’s filed under meetups rather than writing track. Sunday at 11:30am.

Info here: https://texasfurryfiesta2017.sched.com/event/9qQn/writers-guild-meet-greet

Awesome, thanks! I’ll be there!