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Telegram group for furry writers

Evening, lads and ladies!

I was unable to join the guild writing group back in the summer and didn’t manage to join (I think it’s called) Writer’s Block either, so I made a little furry group on Telegram some time ago.


If the link doesn’t work (it is occasionally dodgy), just message @bestmare on Telegram.

People seem to be finding it fun and useful for the moment, so just thought I’d pop the link up here too if anyone fancied it. :slight_smile:

Link doesn’t work for me - I’d like to join but I’m unsure about contacting you as I only joined (both Telegram and the Guild) today…

I think you found me and joined - all good! :slight_smile:

Sometimes the link doesn’t like if you’re on the phone (and I copied it from the telegram computer application). Very finicky program at times… Sorry! ^^;