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Tapestries / FurryMUCK / Other mucks?

Any FWG members kicking around on the big (or small) MUCKs? I have a guilty habit myself of throwing at least a few thousand words a day down those particular time-sinks. :slight_smile:

In all my years playing around on MUSH’s I never went over to FurryMUCK. Maybe it was just that I was used to the mush command system and didn’t want that change where things were slightly different. I spent far too much time on them in my day however, and fully lay the blame of my first year of university on them. I was just a little addicted and had to spend the next four years retaking classes to make up for that first year. :slight_smile:

I’m still on FurryMUCK occasionally; I have a fair number of alts, but Chipotle the coyote shows up fairly faithfully for “Story Hour” at the Owlhaven Lounge Tuesday nights (9p Eastern time), and I’ve read several stories there in serialized format including “Indigo Rain,” “Tow,” the newer rewrite of “A Gift of Fire,” and a couple as-yet-unpublished pieces. (One’s supposed to be in the next New Fables, and one was written for Rabbit Valley’s AWOL predator/prey role reversal anthology.)