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So, it’s apparently the latest and most popular new platform for Webcomics, with a lot of artists mirroring their archives to it lately.

But today I got a newsletter saying that they’re going to start reformatting to include prose stories too.

December 2015

Attention Tapastic Readers!

With the new year fast approaching, we wanted to take a quick second to do a few things before 2015 is in the history books.

First, we wanted to say “Hi. How’s it going? Nice sweater!” Second, we want to let everyone in on some exciting changes happening with the Tapastic mobile app in 2016.

As some of you may know, we’ve been planning some pretty big changes to our mobile app for a few months now. We had an AMA back in October to sort of lay the groundwork for our plans, and even before then we were talking to creators and sharing our thoughts.

The reason for the upcoming changes is pretty straightforward. As the world moves more and more towards mobile, we realized a great opportunity to do even more of what we love: provide the best platform possible for storytellers to do their thing.

So what exactly will be different? When is this all happening? Well, early next year the Tapastic app will update and switch over to an app called Tapas. The Tapas app will have a new look and feel and will give our readers the ability to access not only the stories they know and love from Tapastic, but also new stories in the form of novels, short stories, and even scripts!

Tapas will also give readers new ways to help support their favorite creators. One way readers will be able to do this is by purchasing keys to unlock creator-defined content. Another way will be viewing ads interspersed between episodes for creators in the Ad Revenue Program.

Now obviously with news like this we can’t cover every detail in a single announcement. But rest assured that as we get closer to the switchover we’ll be giving plenty of updates and opportunities for dialog.

Thanks and have a great holiday season,

Team Tapas

Hmm, interesting.

REALLY interesting. I’d keep an eye on it.