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Story Roll-Up Sheet

There’s a writer in my writing group who makes story roll-up sheets – you use them with a couple of dice to generate a story prompt. She’s done ones for science-fiction, fantasy, and various other genres. I thought it would be neat to make a furry one.

I’ve attached a copy of my Furry Story Roll-Up. You’re all welcome to print out a copy and give it a try. If anyone ends up writing a story based on it, I’d love to hear about it! I’m planning on taking some copies to my critique group next Tuesday. We’ll be doing a writing session after critiques, and I’m hoping to get some people there to try it out too.

Also, if anyone else makes any roll-up sheets, feel free to post them in this thread! If people end up really liking this one, I might try to put some more together.

Furry Story Roll-Up.docx (14.3 KB)

Cool idea! I’ll give this a try if I can’t get those creative gears in my head turning. Thanks for the handout!

Oh, that is cool. Nice work! (I don’t own 20-sided dice but the internet can always supply random number generators.)

I have tuns of dice. This is no problem for me.

Sounds like a neat idea!

I usually use dice to help me come up with an outcome in a story or if I just need some kind of number (like for an address, date, age, etc.), but this could be useful if I just want to write something to get my juices flowing.