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Spotlight questions for associate members

I’m thinking about coming up with a set of questions (5 to 10 or so) that would work for the FWG’s associate members (editors and publishers), so I can include them in the Member Spotlights on the blog.

Any suggestions for possible questions you’d like to see answered by the associate members? Associates, what kinds of questions would you like to be asked?

For reference, our associate members are listed here, and this is the set of questions I currently use for the writer members. #10 could stay the same, but most of the others are obviously geared toward writers.

  1. Tell us about your most recent project (written or published). What inspired it?
  2. What’s your writing process like? Are you a “pantser,” an outliner, or something in between?
  3. What’s your favorite kind of story to write?
  4. Which character from your work do you most identify with, and why?
  5. Which authors or books have most influenced your work?
  6. What’s the last book you read that you really loved?
  7. Besides writing, how do you like to spend your free time?
  8. Advice for other writers?
  9. Where can readers find your work?
  10. What’s your favorite thing about the furry fandom?

I’d like to ask editors, in particular, what stories they’ve edited or wish they’d been part of the editing process (either in praise or in improvement).

I don’t even want to get into the second part of this. Soooooooooooo many books that I’ve loved based off of story, yet have nearly torn my hair out in disgust of the blatant lack of even basic copyediting. I just got done with one in particular that I’ll not mention by name.

Bear in mind that I’d like to have the same set of questions for everyone, if possible, just because that makes things easier. Since the associates are such a small group, I could vary a question or two without much problem, but I’d still like most of them to be the same for all the associates.

We have at least one associate member (Isiah Jacobs) who isn’t an editor.

This may be a bit difficult, unless you want to stick to questions that are mostly based off of reading. Otherwise there won’t be many questions, I don’t think, that will apply to all three groups (editors, publishers, and reviewers) that are represented in the associate members.

I wasn’t involved with this, but here are two novels that I really wish that I’d had the chance to proofread:

I cannot understand someone who would pay CreateSpace to publish their novels, yet apparently completely ignore proofreading or getting someone who understands basic English to go over their manuscript before having it printed. There is a very good story underneath all the blatant editing errors.

Publishing through CreateSpace is free.

Bumping this because I had a thought about this last night.

It wouldn’t be too hard to twist these questions to fit the associate members. Would just require slight tweaking to the wording.

1: What inspired you to start as a (editor/publisher/reviewer)?

2: Describe a bit of how your process works:

3: What is your ideal story to edit/publish/review?

4: Look to the stories you’ve worked with. What story have you most enjoyed working with?

5: This one would admittedly have to be totally changed

6: What is the last book you’ve read that you’ve really loved?

7: Besides editing/publishing/reviewing, how do you spend your free time?

8: What is some advice you have for authors? What about others who want to start editing/publishing/reviewing?

9: Where can readers find things you’ve worked on? What can we expect from you in the near future/what are you currently working on?

10: What is your favorite thing about the furry fandom?

Think of one new question to replace #5, and you’re golden.

  1. Which authors or books have made you rethink everything you thought you knew about Furry?