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The first draft came in at 11,300 words, but with spots marked “INSERT LYRICS HERE” for songs. So, I think I’ve got a lot to work on… XD

The final list of accepted pieces! (This TOC doesn’t list the “traditional / classic” fox stories that will be included at the front of the antho).

NightEyes Dayspring - The Harvest Moon Ceremony
Mary Lowd - The Fox in the Hen House
Kittara Foxworthy - A Part of the Family
Jayden Drackus - A Fox Can Steal Anything
Colin Leighton - A Trustworthy Fox
Matt Trepal - Songs in the Garden
John Kulp - Street Fox
Amy Fontaine - The Fox-Man
TJ Minde - Pictures

Super hard to choose just nine stories out of thirty-three sent in. Good job everyone who submitted!