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Sofawolf sale: 40% off Hot Dish

Sofawolf is having a sale, and one of the items included is the novel-length adult anthology Hot Dish, in which I have a story. If you’re looking to boost your collection of furry lit, here’s a great way to get >100,000 words of it at a reasonable price!

Other treats on offer: 50% off Nordguard: Across Thin Ice in hardback (I have this and it’s really gorgeous), and 15% off the Digger Omnibus.

I know for a fact that a couple of the people with stories in “Hot Dish” are really smart and attractive.

But yes, folks, do take advantage of this discount. “Hot Dish” would make an excellent gift for your friends and family members!

I’m sure it would, assuming you have the sort of family where you give each other gifts of furry porn… o_O

Well, my stuff’s pretentious enough to call “erotica.”

That made me laugh an unholy amount.

To the writer, it’s erotica. To the family, it’s probably still porn. ;D

Yeah, when it came out my mom was gonna buy several copies to give as gifts, I was like, “Mm, yeah, I…I don’t think you really wanna do that…” XP

If I get an erotica book published I will have no one to crack open the celebratory whiskey with. Might come on the forums and do so once I’m allowed to talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:

My mum and I actually had a chat about erotica and agreed neither of us was obliged to read any that the other might write.

As far as I know only I went on to write any…