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So A Long-Haired Hare Walks Into A Bar...

… and has an entirely pleasant evening with friends, discussing the trials and tribulations of recent life.

Hello! At the behest of a friend of mine who mentioned that this would be a wonderful place to learn more about writing: I’m mostly here to do just that. Alas, I’ve not truly made any attempts at being published (yet?) and most of my writing thus far is limited to short shorts. However, I am working on something a bit longer which happens to be something of the impetus of coming to y’all, if’n it’s no bother. I’m also more than happy to beta-read, bounce ideas off of, and/or provide general feedback; these ears aren’t just for show after all!


Bunny-greets! =:)

Welcome! Always nice to hang out in a bar, real or virtual.

Hey, welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums!

We can always use more bunnies around here. Welcome.