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Mine is fieldtw. I’m usually on every day, though times may vary.

My skype handle is: Rattietherat
Feel free to add me. Please note that you are from here, as I have had my share of bots recently. XD

I’m on skype as well.

Mine is: lykanprince7

Please let me know who you are and where you come from, of course. :3

Sovereignkyle (A R Galetti) or Sovereign_kyle (A R Galetti) Phone or PC respectively

Be sure to mention FWG. If you forget, I’ll ask where you know me from. (Would you believe, I had a girl answer that by saying she just randomly found my name and send me a message to see if I wanted to chat? )

I worry about people nowadays.

m0gm00g13 with the display name Mog Moogle. ^.^