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Shoutbox upgrade

I’m pleased to announce that we have upgraded the Shoutbox! No idea if it’ll fix the lagging issue or not, but it does have a few nifty features that you’ve been asking for:

  1. It gives all registered users access to the Shoutbox logs, exactly as the moderators have had access to it (minus the moderation functions).

  2. You can now link an image into the Shoutbox.

  3. Tired of listening to someone? The Shoutbox now integrates the “ignore” function of the forums into the Shoutbox. Just go to: Profile --> Account Settings --> Modify Profile --> Buddy/Ignore List --> Ignore List, then add the names of whoever you want to ignore in there.

  4. In another screen but want to know if someone has made a shout? The tab that contains the forums will now blink with the fury of a seizure when someone makes a shout, letting you know that people are alive.

I’ve disabled a couple of new functions because they didn’t work very well, such as having your forum avatar show up next to your shout (was too small to really see), but there may be more new features! Stay tuned.

The feature I would like to request most, with the fury of a thousand suns? Allow me to resize the box vertically, dynamically. Or at least make the popout box twice as big vertically?

It does not appear that the upgrade has corrected the lag issue.

I had made it bigger in the first place, but immediately got feedback that it was far too big. It’s slightly bigger than the old Shoutbox right now, but that’s probably going to be the best I can do with it.

Not much I can do about that, unfortunately.

I know. Simply stating for the record.