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Seeking host for Tues night Coffeehouse Chat

Just putting this out there to see if anyone would be interested in taking over hosting the Tuesday night Coffeehouse Chat, at least for the next few months. It currently takes place at 7 PM Eastern, but I’d be willing to move it an hour or two earlier or later if that’s the only way someone else would be able to handle it reliably.

If no one’s available, I can still continue hosting – it’s not a scheduling conflict, necessarily; I’m just getting somewhat burnt out after 6 months of hosting and would rather have the freedom to show up periodically instead of being required to be on every single week, especially knowing how busy I’m going to be in the first quarter of 2015 with writing, guild maintenance/improvement, and other obligations.

Well, with a bit of guidance for a couple of chats, I could host it if it was bumped up an hour or two ealier. More reliably two hours earlier, since I have to leave right at 4pm pst so would have to cut it short by two or three minutes.

I’ll do it if no one else will.

Just bumping this as a reminder that I’m still open if someone else would like to take over the Tuesday chat. I’d rather not move the time unless I have to, though (or unless it winds up being better for more participants anyway if the time were moved). And Dwale, while I appreciate the offer (and your standing in on Tuesdays when needed), I don’t really want to have to ask you to take on two chats a week on a regular basis.

So, just a note that the position is still open. :slight_smile:

I’d be comfortable hosting it by this point in time. Again though, I’d need it bumped a couple of hours earlier, so totally understand if you go with someone else instead.

Yeah, one reason I’d rather not move the time that early is that I’d like to still be able to fill in as host if needed, and with my new schedule starting next week, moving the chat to 5 PM Eastern would make it impossible for me to even attend. :slight_smile:

With my job switch soon, I may be able to do this. Just have no idea what my schedule will be like once I am done with this job (end of the month)

nods I admit I’d still rather not have the same host for more than one chat, though, if possible, just to keep obligations to a minimum.

There are still calls for a chat that’s more friendly to non-US timezones, so another possibility would be for Dwale to take over Tuesday nights, and move the Saturday night chat to a new international-friendly time with someone else hosting that one. Something else to keep in mind, anyway.

I’m alright with whatever y’all decide. In fact, I’ve been busier Saturday afternoons than I had been previously, so that might be a good idea.