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Secret Santa!

This seems like the best place for this. Mars suggested the idea of the guild potentially doing a secret Santa thing for the holidays and I thought that could be fun! Post here if you’re interested, deadline for sign-up is December 15th. On the 15th, I’ll randomly select participant’s names to get everything setup, the PM you the person you’re Santa-ing for. Additionally, I’ll need anyone who posts here to PM me their address so I can give those out to the person who will Santa for you. If we get four participants (and I’m game, we need just three more) we’ll do it.

I’m in!

Might want to establish what our dollar limit is. Considering the large number of furry writers outside of the US (seriously, there’s like ten of you up there in Calgary), we should keep in mind international shipping costs. If we have a restriction on what can be sent to us, we should include that too. For instance, I cannot receive furry literature (pornographic or not).

Maybe we should set up some kind of form to fill out?

Sure. We can do a poll for the $ cost max, and if you have any particular restrictions just put them up here. Forms too complicated otters don’t have energy for that shiz.

Fine, then I’ll make it for you. You’ll thank me later when you have a bunch of PMs and they aren’t all in paragraph form.


Boom. Done.

Up for this! Though when I saw the thread title I thought it would be a story exchange, which I’d also be up for!

Interesting idea, though the problem I’ve run into in a lot of other communities are people not wanting to give out their address to strangers on the internet, people that say they want to participate never sending a gift, and international shipping being a pain in the ass.

My problem is lack of funds so I shall be sitting this out. Hoping to see something come of this though!

That was actually something I was mulling over. If you don’t want to give your address, you could restrict yourself to only receiving digital items with a note in the “notes” section of the form. Or perhaps we simply restrict the entire thing to digital items? That doesn’t really limit the options by much if our cap is something like $10. It’d leave us with Steam, Itunes (buy itunes card at store, give redemption code to person. Could actually do this with any kind of card you purchase in-store), and of course e-books.

Works for me - anything I post abroad after December 15th probably won’t make it in time for Christmas anyway…

I like the idea of giving e-books, personally. Idk if this is possible, but I feel like that is most fitting. And $10 hits most of the furry e-books. It might be a good idea, if this is the case, to post what our collection looks like so there aren’t any double gifts?

EDIT: Restricting the ebooks to furry doesn’t have to be required it just seems like a common theme that many gifts might fall under.

Nice - furry books could be bought from the BadDogBooks store, spreading the love further. Also, specify your devices so you get the right format!