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Sean's Monthly Review

This is something I came up with on the fly, but I’m really unsure of what kind of support it’ll get.

Every month I want to buy one thing written by a guild member. Preferrably hard copy. Upon reading, usually by the end of each month (I’d start for October), I’d post a full review of the book.

Here’s where things get iffy. As can be told by my furry last name, I’m a critic. I’m the kind of person that skim-reads just about everything (if not everything) I read because I will get stuck on every error in the book. This doesn’t just go for furry lit; I do it with general reading. We’re all human and miss things, whether it be technical errors or plotholes, and the finished product will never be perfect.

Coughs Anyways, I’d be wondering who would want this to happen.
My reviews are usually very candid. I will point out every wonderful aspect of the story, but I’ll also point out anything that needs fixing in the story.

So what do you guys say? Just another option.

Edit: Looks like Renee / Poetigress is going to be fabulous and is making herself the guinnea pig for this. I might be able to get a review done for this month; we shall see.

I’ve always felt the community could use more well thought out reviews. Something I always wanted to add to the FWG was something for reviews but it never happened. I’d do more myself, but I’m a terribly slow reader.

My idea for this would be to open up new eyes to the book; for someone to see a review and say that it’s something they’d really want. I know a lot of people that, even if a book sounds good from the summary, won’t get it till someone else has read it first.
I’d like for discussion to follow (though probably in another board/topic due to potential spoilers).

I think this is a wonderful idea. I also agree with Duroc here, that more reviews would be really sweet. Perhaps we could get a whole fleet of reviewers? Or more possibly a board for lit reviews?

If we get enough interest going, I may make one. We’ll see how this goes.

Sounds like a good idea, especially if a) the review isn’t snide or snarky, and b) the review could be done in such a way that it would encourage discussion and attempt to open up aspects or topics of the work instead of declaring things definitively (if that makes any sense).

As much as I would love, love, love to have more reviews of my published work*, what I’d love to see just as much or even more, is more book-club-style reader discussion of furry fiction. I know there’s a furry book club now (Bookmarfs), but they’re not focused on reading furry fiction, and I don’t know if Bad Dog is still doing their book club, but if I recall correctly that was mostly focused on erotic short stories, which leaves plenty of room open for something else.

*(Incidentally, I’m happy to offer free ebook copies of By Sword and Star and/or Real Dragons Don’t Wear Sweaters to anyone in exchange for honest reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/etc. PM me if interested.)

My reviews definitely aren’t snarky. Just…honest.

I’d love to get a book club type of thing going, though the concern with that is that not everyone can afford to buy the books. Me buying one book a month is a huge stretch of my budget; it’s that thin. It would make more sense for a book club idea to stick to free stories. I do agree that erotica should be avoided for those. I don’t mind reviewing them, but getting into huge discussions about them isn’t my thing.

I figure the main idea of the reviews would be to get interest in buying books going. Though we can definitely look into implementing both ideas.

I really enjoyed the furry book club that we ran on the other FWG forum for awhile. I don’t think it lasted very long, but it was a great idea – we all agreed on a furry book to read and discuss for the month. We were held back a bit by the fact that people had to go out and buy each book we read.

By the way, I offer the same deal as Poetigress regarding my novels. If anyone wants to write reviews of “Otters In Space” and/or “Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly,” send me a message, and I can give you a coupon for free e-copies on Smashwords.

Ill post here that if anyone wants to send me things to review, that’d be great. I’m not the best off financially and would love to get a chance to review all of these things at no cost.