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Say something nice about your writing

Seen on Twitter; I know many of you have already seen/done this, but it seems worth posting here! Big yourselves up below.

I want to see you all saying nice things about yourselves. Quote-tweet with something you do really well in your writing. No false modesty! (@mattdoveywriter)

We were talking on telegram last night about a bit of fiction that was too wordy. I think each word costs the reader a tiny bit, and that one should be economical with one’s words, because too many would be costly for the reader, and maybe not worth it for them. I feel like that’s something I’m good at managing.

I think I have some really good ideas, and I feel that I write well when I just let an idea simmer in my brain for a while before I start writing. :slight_smile:

Oh, I like that thought! I’ve always been a concise writer, and sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t spin things out a bit more.

My Twitter answer was a bit of a joke one - ‘I use adverbs masterfully’. More seriously, I do a good job with humour.

I do well with humor and with plotting (been complimented on both by my writing groups!)