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Saturday Coffeehouse Chat - Best times for those not in the US?

I’m looking into possibly moving the Saturday night Coffeehouse Chat (currently held at 8 PM Eastern) to some time slot on Saturday that will be more convenient for our non-US forum members. What times might be best for those who haven’t been able to participate in the other chats?

Also, before I can move the Saturday chat, I’ll need to find someone who can commit to hosting it on a regular basis (so that I can move Dwale to hosting the Tuesday night chat instead). If you might be interested in hosting on Saturdays, let me know either here or by PM, so I can take that into account when figuring out a time slot, too.

Well, 8PM Eastern is midnight for me (will be 1AM next week when the clocks go forward). Making it an hour or two earlier would make it likelier that I could stay awake :slight_smile:

I do pop in to the Thursday chat, though!

(Updated because I forgot how to timezone.)

Probably should throw out in here, as a reminder, that I may need someone else to hosts the Thursday chat soon. I run it from work, a job that I will no longer have as of next week. I know that next week’s chat (4/2) I will need someone else to run, but after that, it’ll just depend on my work schedule, which will no longer be set.

I could potentially host any of the chats soon, depending on my schedule. But, being a rotating schedule, I wouldn’t know what and when until probably the Friday before each week =/

Unfortunately, I can’t fill in on the Thursday ones anymore. Hopefully someone will be able to step up and help out.

I can do the Thursday chats if necessary. I can do both, but I would rather someone else take over Saturdays if possible.

I’ll put in a bid to work Saturday chat so Dwale doesn’t have to work double duty. We usually start Exalted games sometime between 4 and 5 pst, but I’m sure the guys will be cool if we wait until 5 or if I have to multi-task a bit :3

Munchkin, how would something like 5 PM Eastern (2 PM Pacific) work for you, for Saturday? That would then put us at 10 PM in the UK, with the daylight change, I think? We could also even go earlier if it suits, to 3 or 4 PM Eastern.

So, all in all, it sounds like we could have Munchkin host Saturday, Dwale for Thursday, and then Sean, you and I could trade off Tuesdays, with me filling in for the weeks when you wouldn’t be available. I’d also be open to moving the topic to Tuesdays, if you want to keep doing that, or Dwale could keep the topic on Thursdays if he’d rather.

2pm would work out spendidly for me. Just let me know which Saturday you need me to start :3

Okay, so starting this Saturday, chat moves to 5 PM Eastern instead of 8 PM.

I’m attending the RainFurrest meeting tomorrow, which runs from 1-4pm pst >.< Could someone cover chat for me?

I’ll poke around in the shoutbox, too.

Just confirmed, I should be able to handle the chat tomorrow.

You’re a life saver Dwale, thank you <333

I swear I’m not building a habit >.< I need someone to cover the Saturday chat because we’re celebrating a dear friend’s birthday by dragging him to see Age of Ultron. We were hoping for the morning showing because, yay chat plus less crowded, but alas said friend won’t be up that early.

I’msorrypleasedunhatemeeee >.<

I’ll see where I am at 5 and try to cover if I can, but I may not be at the computer at that time.

Otherwise, really anyone who shows up today who’s been to the chats before and knows they work can just take the lead and make sure things go as usual.

And thanks to Rechan for filling in. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to Rechan for filling in this week as well for the Saturday chat.

.< I swear I have three or four separate alarms set up for this Saturday.

Just an official admin-ish note that, as Munchkin has had to step down from hosting, Saturday’s Coffeehouse Chats are on what I hope will just be a brief hiatus while I work things out, so there’ll be no chat tomorrow (5/23). Back with more info later.

But everyone is still welcome to be online at that specific time and chat with one another :wink:

What exactly does a chat host do? Is there an agenda? Are there specific topics discussed? Are there meeting minutes taken/recorded? Can anyone do it?

And most importantly, is any of this stuff documented somewhere?