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Saga of the Wolf...

is the title of my self-published book.
It has only about 8,000 words, so you could read it in less than an hour.

If you’re crazy for wolves like I am, then you’d love this story.

Unfortunately, I’m quite poor. If I had the money and resources to go the traditional publishing route, then I definitely would’ve. I put MUCH effort, time, and love into this story nonetheless.

It only costs $2.99, which is less than a McDonald’s meal ;D so I’d HUGELY appreciate if you support me by purchasing it!

Only available on Kindle atm. Createspace is currently reviewing my files for the paperback version.


Hey Theo!
From one forum newbie to another, welcome!

I must say, USD2.90 for 26 pages is rather expensive for an ebook - some of King’s kindle novels run like 6 dollars?
In addition, when I checked on amazon uk, it was listed among novels priced around 6 quid, vs 2 quid for thy story.

I’ve bought short stories like that, at prices slightly lower than yours, however, these were from authors with worlds I’m already invested in.